France Canal+ attacks the 911 truth movement the 24 april 2008

bonsoir ,

in France, Thursday 24th April 2008, the French television CANAL + attacked the 911 truth movement with their Documentary called
"Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info" by Stephane Malterre


Vidéo Jeudi Investigation : Rumeur, intox : les nouvelles guerres de l’info

Herblay FRANCE "911 Vérité" sur le marché le 16/03/2008

Herblay FRANCE


On the Herblay market today , I discussed with Bob his idea that the 911 truth mouvement should make an intervention for ten minutes during the UFO monthly meeting the 1st of April 2008 in the center of Paris.
About 10% of the personnes participating at these meeting ( ~100 went to see the 9/11 Press for Truth shown in Paris the 11th of December 2007

Ten minutes to explain the 911 truth mouvement but it must not be politique and it has to fit in with the objectifs of the ufolique meetings
. declines this invitation because they do not want their position deformed like with Marion Cotillard.
Yves , Moshin and I, in our own name will try to organise something but April is too early.

A young girl student came up to encourge Bob and me. She knows nothing for the moment about the PNAC

A french site is starting a petition asking new investigation

There's a french (from France) site that is taking the initiative to push forward a petition around the world asking for a new investigation of 9-11. I think that could be a good thing to go there and sign it. Above all this, it would be nice if a judicial movement was coming from outside USA.
This is the URL.

Go there.

911truth gathering Paris 11th July 07

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Is there anyone in Paris or near Paris who would like to join me in organising the 911 truth gathering in the centre of Paris "Jardins des Tuileries" ?
June the 11th is too early as we have to obtain an official permission from la Prefecture de Police de Paris and it takes a lot of time. The more numberous that we are, the more chance that we will get the permission necessary.
Some years ago I was one of the organisateurs for the bi-monthly gathering in the "Jardins des Tuileries" against the unemployment. We lasted four whole years !

Hoping to hear from you.



France Knew Of Hijack Plot Before 9/11


France Knew Of Hijack Plot Before 9/11

PARIS, April 16, 2007(AP) France's foreign intelligence service learned as early as January 2001 that al Qaeda was preparing a hijacking plot likely to involve a U.S. airplane, former intelligence officials said Monday, confirming a report that also said the CIA received the warning.

Le Monde newspaper said it had obtained 328 pages of classified documents on Osama bin Laden's terror network that were drawn up by the French spy service, the DGSE, between July 2000 and October 2001. The documents included a Jan. 5, 2001, intelligence report warning that al Qaeda was at work on a hijacking plot.

Pierre-Antoine Lorenzi, the former chief of staff for the agency's director at the time, said he remembered the note and that it mentioned only the vague outlines of a hijacking plot — nothing that foreshadowed the scale of the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

9/11/2006 in France - and French translations

Oh, it's international, all right. Here is one of the top 9/11 sites in France, and some photos and audio of activism in and around Paris, on 9/11/2006. Photos. - Audio snippets.

Also a reminder from Arno Mansouri from Edition Demi-Lune, a small editorial structure in Paris, that he has fresh translations of some key 9/11 books for your French-speaking friends and relatives in Quebec, and French-speaking countries around the globe; check it out at the Demi-Lune website: