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MYEXPANDEDMIND.COM is an educational tool that provides free documentaries about 9/11 and the other pillars of control such as Energy, Health, Government, Money, Truth, and Religion. We provide a wealth of free information to help "wake more people up" and we have all the information you need in one website so you do not have to search the internet over.

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Watch Chapter 4 of Hijacking Humanity - "911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation." FREE in High Quality.

Hi, my name is Paul, and i created the film, Hijacking Humanity, wishing to give proper contextual understanding of the 911 attacks so that people who just can't get past that mental block of WHY it would be the Government/Intelligence Agencies/Corporacratic Rulers who are truly responsible instead of a small band of Islamic Extremists...

Please check out the 911 Chapter, the 4th section of the movie, entitled "911 Conspiracy and The Push Towards Final Global Consolidation."

I appreciate any and all feedback, criticism, questions, and comments... I know the whole movie isn't perfect, but since it was created pretty much by my lonesome, it really just represents my own personal viewpoint of the truth, nothing more, nothing less...

9/11 MOVIES - Wayne, PA - FREE Screenings - Every Third Thursday of each month (TONIGHT!)

Okay, here we go again!

The summer hiatus from the 9/11 movies showing in Wayne is over. Back in business! The third Thursday of each month - FREE screenings.

On September 11, 2008, with only two days' notice, 40 people showed up in Wayne to see "Zero: An Investigation into 9/11" - not too bad.

It was shown recently in Germany, and just last Friday, 9/12 (Thursday, 9/11 U.S. time) to 30 million viewers in Russia.

Please pass this around to anyone you think might be interested in seeing these movies that lives in the Philadelphia area . . .

Also, if interested, please consider signing up to our Meetup group (listed below) to receive future emails re scheduled movie showings.

Any voluntary donations will be collected for 100% donation to John Feal and his FealGood Foundation.

Thank you -

Betsy "9/11 Movies, Wayne, PA"

9/11 MOVIES - Wayne, PA

FREE Screenings - Every Third Thursday of each month.

Thurs. 9/18/08:
5pm - ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11