Freerepublic Encourages Viewers To Send Emails, Demanding they Fire Rosie

(Note to Mods: I wasnt sure if the word "asshole" was allowed on here or not. If its not allowed, Just replease it was "scum" or "fools" Or something like that, If its allowed, Then cool)

This is a lot of Imformation, But Please Go over All of this. Please Do whatever Necessary Steps, You believe it Right to Show Rosie your Support. Thanks

I hate these a**hole people over at

They had something to do with Charlie Sheen on Showbiz tonight Last March 2006, They told everybody to vote "NO" Cover Up, As it Result, It effected the Poll 20 Points in the beggining, Thats why only "65%" Said Yes to a Cover up

They get tons and tons of traffic, They are encouraging all there Viewers to Email, ABC, The View, Disney, Barabra Walters, and Demand Rosie be Fired, OR ELSE They are going to BOYCOTT ABC, TheView, and DISNEY.

I wish somebody could just crash there site or something, Anyways, We must Fight back, And let them know, How we want Rosie, How thats the Only Reason We watch the View, It it wasnt for Her, We wouldnt watch it, etc etc etc, blaa, ya know?

Let Barbara Walters know what you think of Rosie O'Donnell