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One more for the afternoon commute

I love this location because it catches some of the wealthiest people in the US (and the world) as well as some relatively famous folks like Sean Penn and Huey Lewis close to their homes. I'm sure that Sean Penn knows the truth about 9/11 and is just waiting until he feels safe to come out. Anyway, this sign will be in regular rotation around here:

If it's the 11th, there must be SIGNS

After a few days of prep I put out signs at 10 locations, here are some of the ones I could get photos of:

Yes, I know that one is kind of blurry, hard to get a good pic off to the side at 55 mph. LOL

We are winning, brothers and sisters!

Back to my sign shop.

Be well, y'all.

9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA - 10/5/06

Posted signs on 4 bridges this morning in the Boston area. Here are 3 of the bridges...

Woburn, MA
9/11 Freeway Blogging

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9/11 Freeway Blogging - Boston, MA

9/11 Freeway blogging in the Boston, MA area (Woburn, MA to be exact).


This is a very visible bridge in Woburn, MA that has had US flags plastered all over it since 9/11.  There are often signs posted welcoming home troops on this bridge. 

I decided to post my own brand of patriotism this morning.

CLICK HERE to see more images.

My 7 ft by 4 ft sign was up for at least 2 hours this morning.  I will check back later today to see if it is still up.  I will be making and posting more signs in the coming weeks.

Happy Freeway Blogging.