French newspaper LIBERATION 11 SEPTEMBER 2008

You have 3 hours left to comment the 911 article in the French newspaper Liberation. See the other peoples comments

Hervblay FRANCE

bonjour ,

the French national newspaper LIBERATION today published a single article on the 11th of September without mentioning the 911 truth mouvement, etc ... see

There have been many reactions which go in our way

My own reaction below posted at 12h00 before the last post 13h16 has not yet been accepted by Liberation.

If you read French have a look at the article and let Liberation know how you react to what they have written. You have still 3 hours to put up comments.



Merci pour cet article parce que c’est le seul article dans mon LIBERATION d’aujourd’hui qui approche ( malheureusement de loin ) l’important sujet les attentats du 11 septembre 2001 sept ans après.