Orange Marking Paint.

If we are going to WIN this war, and move towards what Alex Jones calls the End Game...

Buy some Orange Lanscaper's Marking Paint. Take it to the local school yards, Police Station lawns, Firehouses, Libraries, etc.

Paint your favorite 9/11 Truth slogan prominently on the lawn. It will last a few weeks depending on mowing habits.

Ideal for the rural activist. And can be done anonymously during the hours of the night if so desired.

The paint often comes in boxes, but I say we put a few resources here in order for people to buy them.

This action isn't going to give you the kind of fame or publicity as a YouTube clip at a Presidential Town Hall meeting, but I think it can be just as effective in educating the public, particularly those without internet access, and getting our goals met. Which I'm ready for.

9/11 blogger is the best, and don't hesitate to comment over at and as well.

Buy your Paint.

Beach Blogging

Grab a stick
Take a walk on the shoreline
Start carving sand.
Kids love it!