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9/11 Truth Tucson Visits Gabby Giffords Fundraiser on April 11th

An email from democrat Gabrielle Gifford's chief of staff to members of Democracy for America relating to the congress woman's position on impeachment changed our 11th of the month street action to something less typical. Here is the video:

Help Raise Money for Disabled 9/11 First Responders

A few weeks ago we posted a blog entry by Jon Gold entitled If You Want Something Done Right.... In that entry Jon called for all of us to chip in to help out disabled first responders. I wanted to reiterate the need for us all to help support those who are currently without help from the deadly dust generated from the destruction of the twin towers and WTC7.

So far we have raised just over $1,400 of the $5,000 goal. With the help of the community we can most assuredly meet, and then beat, this goal by the February 3rd deadline. I am asking for the help of everyone in the community in spreading this donation drive across the web, through workplaces, and onto the street - we all should agree that those disabled and unable to work from 9/11 deserve our help.

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The money raised from this fund raiser will be split between the Feal Good Foundation and the Gear Up Foundation. The donations will be given on behalf of those who contribute to this fund raiser, not on behalf of this website, or by it's organizer Jon Gold. Money will be collected until the deadline of February 3rd, at which point the money will be donated - whether we have met the goal of $5,000 or not. If you would feel more comfortable donating directly to the organizations instead please do so via the links above, but please email Jon Gold a receipt of your donation so that we might include it in our grand total.

By clicking on the '<> Copy' tab in the ChipIn widget above you can get the html necessary to paste this fund raiser onto your personal blog, myspace pages, and elsewhere. Likewise you can spread the direct link of this article as well. If you have the ability to help this cause succeed please do. Finally, please help us out and digg this article.

Please chip in if you can, and please help us spread word of this fund raiser.

Quick Note on Fund Raiser for First Responders

I just wanted to post a quick note of support for the fund raiser that Jon Gold has been putting together. This fund raiser is based on nothing but good intentions and a desire to try to help out those directly affected by the tragedy of 9/11. I intend to post something more formal about the fund raiser soon, but in the mean time I would encourage people to chip in a few bucks, and I hope that other 9/11 sites will join in this effort once we have something a bit more formal put together.

If You Want Something Done Right...