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Progressive sites in denial and funding drives - a possible tactic

I subscribe to a few sites that routinely ask for money. Others post the appeals on their sites. I can't help fund them all, and have decided to help only those supportive of 9/11 Truth, which is not very many of the general progressive and anti-war sites. Others have suggested reasons for this denial, and I won't repeat the material.

Today, I sent the following reply (below) to a site owner. I don't know if this will be effective, or counter productive, but obviously I hope that it will be the former.

The text of the letter is here:

You ask for money. I am not interested in supporting any group in serious 9/11 denial. I get too many appeals for assistance from sites such as your own, excellent sites, but limited in the range of discourse they will tolerate.

Do you do any coverage of the 9/11 Truth movement, that is supportive of the core areas of agreement amongst 9/11 Truth advocates? If so, do you have a few links to article in your site?

Although I generally like your articles, and sometimes link to them from my blog, I am only supporting financially those blogs that are part of the mainstream 9/11 Truth movement. Yes, there is a mainstream activist body of opinion on the issues - not unanimity, but general agreement.

I have met some of the more significant activists in the movement, and I don't consider them to be either mentally unstable, nor lacking in intellectual rigor. I realize that you have not made this claim, but many other "progressives" have. I also believe these activists to be generally correct, although undoubtedly wrong in some of the details. All of of are wrong in the details on almost all significant issues, much of the time.

The scientific evidence that towers one and two were exploded into dust using very high temperature explosives is overwhelming. The evidence that tower seven was brought down by controlled demolition is equally compelling. See for instance:

* Architects and Engineers for 9 11 Truth : ... Architects & Engineers who have joined in calling upon Congress for a new truly independent investigation into the "collapses" of the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 - requesting a specific examination for controlled demolition with explosives. ... Take a stand for Truth and join us!

There are almost certainly government agents of disinformation as well. They create dissension, sow distrust, and attempt at all times to make the movement look silly. This is true of any movement opposing a government, as I am sure that you know from your readings.

So, if you have in the past run good and supportive articles on 9/11 Truth, then I will probably ship you a few bucks. There are so many appeals, and so many generally worthy sites, that I can only assist a small percentage.

Michael Zimmer