The Future

Which way, 911-truth? Our greatest strength is, also, our greatest weakness.

So here we are in year zero plus eight, and time keeps slipping into yesterday. What shape are we in? Where have we gotten? What, if anything, is our goal? How are we going to agree on a goal, and who will carry it out, and through what means will it be accomplished? It's really incredible, if you think about it. In fact, the more you think about it, the more incredible it becomes: despite all of our progress, the world is still operating under the same demonstrably false paradigm.

Life in a Post-911-Truth World

I'm not sure if the topic of "what would happen after (if) a 911 cover-up/plot became exposed" has been tossed around at much length here, but I'd be certain most people here have thought about it in one way or another. While I have yet to really see much discussion on this topic, I did run across this article several weeks ago posted elsewhere, but never saw a re-posting of it anywhere. Its a bit goofy, a bit dark, and very hypothetical, but it is a seed for serious consideration and does deal with a very plausible and complicated scenario if we are ever successful with our plight for truth. Ultimately, I would agree with the conclusion of the article that it is something which should be openly discussed because it may be why so many are turned off/unable to accept any investigation.

(also, there is a link in the sidebar there to a poem called "September 1, 1939". It is indeed quite creepy to see how history is repeating itself. I remember first hearing this poem way back in High School, and then again on NPR (I think) soon after 9/11/2001 in a WTC memorial broadcast. It is definitely worth a sobering read as well)

9-11: The Key to Knowledge and Power

Knowledge and Power
Matt Engelman -
13 November 2006
What makes some people more powerful than other people?

Consider the teacher, the doctor, and the politician. Their instructions are normally obeyed by their followers, who rarely question their judgment. Is there a common factor shared by teachers, doctors, and politicians – such as “wealth” or “connections” (the classic popular indicators of “power”)? Not exactly, when you consider that teachers and doctors can earn their power through diligent study and other merits. So then, is there a common factor shared by all powerful people? My answer would be…yes, but not wealth, and not connections. The true source of power is knowledge; and, in the particular case of our contemporary political leaders, the abuse of knowledge.

9-11 is perhaps the all-time classic study of the abuse of knowledge and power by political leaders. When we study this subject, we gain the knowledge (and the power) which was previously held by the manipulative leaders who orchestrated the 9-11 attacks. By sharing this knowledge with a wider audience, we truly distribute power to the people, and we neutralize the power of the manipulative political leaders and the elite families whom they serve. 9-11 has created a window of opportunity: the possibility of a dimensional power-shift – which we can experience in this lifetime. As with other opportunities, we need to say “yes” before we start to receive the tangible benefits. Each of us needs to answer: “Yes, I really want this power-shift, and I will do my part.” We can do this with confidence, because we possess true knowledge which is powerfully revealing, and which is impossible to disprove.