Dr. Daniele Ganser in swiss television about 9/11 (III)

In this segment of the interview, Dr. Daniele Ganser talks about the WTC7 and "Double Talkling":

Paper by Dr. Daniele Ganser (Basel University) published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies in THREE languages

Dr. Daniele Ganser (History Department, Basel University, Switzerland) succeeded in publishing an academic paper in Sept. 2006 a significant European newspaper – quite an accomplishment! Subsequently, his article was translated into French and English. With his permission, his article is re-published for convenience of researchers in the Journal of 9/11 Studies, in THREE languages:


Français : (Actress Cotillard pls read)

English :

The editors of the Journal note that some of his views may be controversial even in the 9/11 fact-seeking movement – which is fine for publication as long as the views are substantiated and supported with solid evidence (as his are) and ad hominem-type attacks are avoided. The model of publishing an article like this in a major newspaper provides a notable good example. (Publication in mainstream peer-reviewed technical journals is even more highly encouraged!)