Gary Franchi

Public TV Station Offers Endgame, Freedom to Fascism During Pledge Drive

Gary Franchi Exposes Federal Reserve on PBS

Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on KBDI in Denver pitching Endgame and Freedom to Fascism.

Kurt Nimmo
March 12, 2009

It was an act of unmitigated terrorism. On March 5, 2009, KBDI, a public television station in Denver, Colorado, ran Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism during a fund raising drive. KBDI had notorious terrorist Gary Franchi of the Lone Lantern Society on to pitch for donations and talk about Russo and his landmark film.

Franchi Questions Tom Ridge in New Hampshire

March 23, 2008

(Ridge starts at 2:50)

Tom Ridge was outside the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire rallying the people while they waited for John McCain, Gary Franchi was there to ask Ridge about a host of topics including the Amero, the NAU, 9/11, membership in the CFR and if he had ever gone to Bohemian Grove. His responses revealed alot about the topics especially Bohemian Grove.