David Ray Griffin: HuffPost's absurd stand on "conspiracy theories"

HuffPost’s absurd stand on “conspiracy theories” (David Ray Griffin) - Mark Crispin Miller's blog

From David Ray Griffin:


It’s good to have the Huffington Post’s policy on “conspiracy theories” in black and white.

So now someone needs to inform them that they cannot accept any posts that state, or imply, that al-Qaeda was responsible for the 9/11 attacks, for that is a conspiracy theory.

That has been acknowledged by Cass Sunstein, the Chicago-and-then-Harvard professor of law who was tapped by President Obama to direct OIRA, the executive branch’s Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (which is under the Office of Management and Budget).

In a 2009 article entitled “Conspiracy Theories,” he and his Harvard co-author wrote:

“The theory that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9/11 is . . . a . . . conspiracy theory.”

How Shall We Gatekeep The Gatekeepers?

[There is an interesting discussion going on at 911Blogger, about how we should respond to the apparent breakthrough statements by Justin Raimondo on his blog. I suggest that people visit the discussion at , then respond to Justin Raimondo at the "Talkback" section at his blog , including the 911Blogger node URL in your comment. ]

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As Robert Fisk did two weeks ago, Justin Raimondo, the leader of is now expressing doubts about the official theory on Al Qaeda and 9/11 :

"Al-Qaeda and the War Party: one could not succeed without the other.There is no conclusive evidence that this odd symbiosis is more than just ideological. Yet I wouldn't be surprised if it extended to the operational. The mysteries of al-Qaeda are intertwined with the unsolved mysteries of 9/11: how did 19 young men evade detection for years and pull off one of the boldest, most destructive terrorist acts in modern history? Or were they detected, and allowed to go through with their task?"