General Petraeus

Petraeus will turn his attention to hunt for Bin Laden

Propaganda to prepare us for a possible McCain victory in November?

Petraeus's Next Job: Finish Hunt for Bin Laden
If He Succeeds as He Has in Iraq It Could Reshape Presidential Race

General Petraeus told the Senate Armed Services Committee here that is weighing President Bush's proposal to promote him to head of the Central Command that one of his first actions would be to visit Pakistan and meet with leaders there to discuss strategies for taking back control of the tribal border provinces where Osama bin Laden and his deputies lurk.

What Would You Ask Petraeus?

This is a letter I just received from Congressman Robert Wexler. I think he really could use our help.

What Would You Ask Petraeus?

Dear Eloy,

As President Bush stubbornly refuses to change course in Iraq, it grows increasingly frustrating for those of us who have been loudly demanding a withdrawal. I know you share my frustration. Every day, I receive letters and emails from patriotic Americans who want to - somehow – personally contribute to a solution.

Now it is your turn.

Next week, General Petraeus – the architect of the failed surge policy and our chief military leader in Iraq - will be testifying before the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

For too long the Bush Administration has been in a bubble – hiding from the truth and avoiding tough questions from outraged American citizens. This time I am turning the oversight powers of Congress over to you.

I want you to be the ones asking the questions to General Petraus.

Write me back with a short reply and tell me what - specifically - you would like me to ask. Please include your first name as well as your city and state.