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A protesters view from outside the SPP meeting in Montebello, Quebec, Canada.

I was at the front of the protest group right at the police line on Monday August 20, 2007 and saw the pushing and shoving of protesters from the police who in turn pushed back. The police provoked the violence and shoving by pushing the protesters back about 10 to 15 feet from the original police line, this is when the protesters started to escalate their activity and pepper spray was used on few who were resisting the police line and I thought I saw one person get tasered or shot at by another device from the police. Rocks were thrown at the police who were in riot gear and from what I saw one officer was injured in the exchange. For about an hour or two after that the protesters were very peaceful, banging on homemade drums made out of empty 5 gallon buckets and chanting anti SPP slogans. A van with loud speakers on the roof then proceeded down the road and stopped 20-25 feet away from the front line. People bobbed their heads and danced to the music pumping out of the loud speakers, then people started to talk on the mic, this got the protesters pumped up but still peaceful.

Corporate Politico's and the "Revolving Door"

Below I have compiled a list of powerful politicians and other governmental personnel, from both past and present, as well as their connections to the corporate world. In case anyone was wondering why our leaders are not doing anything, it may having something to do with that fact that it is in their best interest not to. It is pretty scary when you realize how deeply intertwined the American government is with Corporate America.

John M. Deutch: C.I.A. Director 1995-1996 -- Board of Directors of Citigroup(Banking Firm) Raytheon (Military Contractor)

Robert M. Gates: National Security Council,C.I.A. Director 1988-1992 Secretary of Defense 2006 -- Board of Trustees of Fidelity Investment(Banking Firm) On Board of Directors of SAIC (military contractor)

Dick Cheney: White House Chief of Staff 1975-1977, Secretary of Defense 1989-1993, Vice President 2000 -- Served as CEO and Chairman of the Board at Halliburton(Military Contractor) Board of Directors Procter & Gamble(Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer), Union Pacific (Largest Railroad company in America), Electronic Data Systems (Computer technologies).

United 175 Nose Dive Bomber - South Tower

On 9/11/2001 flight 175 dropped into a deadly nose dive and locked in to position on a collision course with the south tower. With unearthly precision, the plane banks the whole time zeroing in on the towers at full speed.

NOTE the very last tilt to the left the plane does just before impact - Looks very AUTOMATIC!

I have a hard time embracing the 'No Plane Theory'...

Bush Tells the Public Explosives Were Used on 9-11

Who's Operatives Mr. Bush?

Explosives Mr. Bush?

Either Explosives were used on 9-11 or president Bush is a terrible speaker.

Dangers Of A Cornered George Bush

By Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity & Dr. Justin Frank


July 27, 2007

Editor’s Note: As the nation and the world face 18 more months of George W. Bush’s presidency, a chilling prospect is that Bush – confronted with more defeats and reversals – might just “lose it” and undertake even more reckless military adventures.

In this special memorandum, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) collaborated with psychiatrist Justin Frank, author of Bush on the Couch, to assess the potential dangers and possible countermeasures available to constrain Bush:

Recent events have put a great deal more pressure on President George W. Bush, who has shown little regard for the constitutional system bequeathed to us by the Founders. Having bragged about being commander in chief of the “first war of the 21st century,” one he began under false pretenses, success in Iraq is now a pipedream.

9/11 – Fool me once...

9/11 – Fool me once...

Ian Brockwell
July 22, 2007

As George Bush tried to say some time ago “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me”. With a great deal of evidence suggesting that the American people were fooled over the 9/11 attack in 2001, and indications that a new attack (equally horrific) might be on the way, these words should be imprinted on our minds.

Many leading figures in the government (and military) have been hinting at such an event, and if we are to believe the signs, this could happen in just a matter of weeks.

If it does take place, when and where will it occur? In April of this year Dick Cheney said a 9/11 with terrorists using “a nuclear weapon in the middle of one of our own cities” was the greatest threat. But could this be an attempt to distract us from the real location, a carrier in the Persian Gulf, or a chance for him to say “I told you so” later?

Bush to cede Presidential powers to Cheney tomorrow

US President George W. Bush will undergo a "routine colonoscopy" at the Camp David retreat on Saturday, temporarily ceding his powers to Vice President Dick Cheney, the White House said Friday.

Cheney will serve as acting president until such time as Bush, who will be under anesthesia, says he is ready to resume his duties, presidential spokesman Tony Snow told reporters.

"The president has had no symptoms" of cancer, said Snow, who noted that Bush had been scheduled for such an examination since undergoing a colonoscopy in June 2002.

'Bush' a Truther "War on Terror is a very serious thing...Pursue it to its root." Reminds: No "outrageous conspiracy theories"

Imagine my surprise early this morning/late last night when, about to go to sleep, I flicked on the Bill Bennett show for a second and heard a certain descript faux-Texan drawl reminding the American people not to believe the outrageous conspiracy theory of the Zelikow Commission Report. I think Bennett was a little rude to hang up on the POTUS and Decider in Chief like that, especially when he was trying to get the American people to understand a very important truth. But, I got the point Mr. President, loud and clear. Tell me where to line up behind you in pursuing the War on Terror to its root and I will be there.

Click here to watch 'George-Bush-calls-Bill-Bennett'

George W. Bush

When I think of "Bush", I don't think of George W. Bush. I think of the entire Bush Administration, all of the corporations they represent, and the members of the House and Senate that allow this insanity to continue.

It would be impossible for me to post everything I have related to Bush, however, these are all of the articles I have with his name in the title.

Bush Vows to End "Tyranny in Our World"

Bush Proposes $2.5 Trillion Spending Plan

Bush Makes $82 Billion Request For Wars

Private Tapes Shed Light On Candidate Bush

BREAKING NEWS: Man Charged In Alleged Plot To Assassinate Bush

Bush Wielding Secrecy Privilege To End Suits

Audio of Webster Tarpley's Speech in San Diego, 7/8/07
This is an mp3 recording of Webster Griffin Tarpley speaking in San Diego on July 8, 2007 on the transforming political landscape in America. He stressed the importance of inserting 9/11 Truth into the 2008 presidential campaign with grassroots media activism.. He also articulated how 9/11 truth can be the fulcrum point for pushing the tide in a positive direction. Hot off the successful transcending of both left and right at the July 4th Philadephia Emergency Anti-war Convention, Mr. Tarpley goes into the details of a new unified political vision; saying no to false flag GWOT (aka TWAT), no to wars with no end, no provocations with any nations, tax honesty, etc. one hour, 58 min., 27.2 MB
Direct Download:

Part Two:

In France, a senior pol dares to question the 9/11 tale


In France, a senior pol dares to question the 9/11 tale

France's Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs,
Christine Boutin (left), with her boss, President
Nicolas Sarkozy

Today, nearly six years after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, does anyone doubt the Bush administration and the mass media's grand narrative about just who was responsible for those shocking, sudden, well-coordinated and super-destructive events?

Well, yes.



By Michael B. Brodkorb
I was invited to a fundraiser this evening for Senator John McCain's presidential campaign in downtown St. Paul. The protesters pictured above were outside the event with these horrible signs. What a bunch of thugs! ...
Minnesota Democrats Exposed -

9/11 v2

This may seem off-topic but I believe its a concern that arises from 911 and is of interest to the 911 community.

I've made earlier posts re my belief that there will be a Bush-run coup if the 2008 elections go to the democrats. I tripped over a video on youtube today which I subsequently posted on huffington post's 'huffit' that put the cherry on the cake.

Here it is. An Amtrak facility at Beechgrove, Indiana.

Its a fairly close look at a home grown sho'nuff american domestic concentration camp!

Take an old amtrak engine workshop, put three layers of fencing round it with human 'cattle runs' and controlled turnstiles. Add numbered standing positions next to the rail head in a conspicuously marked 'red zone' and you've got a concentration camp that herr himmler would have been proud of.

Whats my point and where does 911 come in to this?

Take as evidence three things:

1. The administrations preparedness to pull off 911 v1
2. The new 'continuity of government' law setting out the conditions for bush to formally come out as dictator
3. Concentration camps for dissenting american citizens

Bush was not involved in planning 9-11


June 20, 2007

Bush was not involved in planning 9-11

By Gustav Wynn

Many who believe the Twin Towers were not brought down by jet fuel alone are quick to suggest the U.S. government took part in the attack.

But I am of the opinion that George Bush and his immediate team were not in on 9-11. I do not feel confident a plan to strike fear into the American people would have ever included portrayal of a government as ineptly prepared or revealed a President as cowardly.

In the kind of irony no scriptwriter could imagine, it recently made news when Senators examined emails Karl Rove's chief aide mistakenly sent incriminating vote-caging lists to his nemesis at, a parody site selling anti-Bush t-shirts and bumper stickers. But even more revealing was the video tape made during the moments 9-11 was unfolding, showing a humble schoolteacher with a very special guest in her classroom.