Nazi-Terror: German intelligence apparatus obstruct investigation

This blog-entry is based on the article "Nazi-Terror is coming back to Germany".

After Mr. Böhnhardt und Mr. Mundlos would have committed suicide on 04.11.11, Ms. Zschäpe would have sent in the following days their confessing video to the media. So middle November 2011 German media discovered the existence of a right-wing terror organization: The until then unknown Nazi-group called "National Socialist Underground" (NSU) confessed to murder immigrants, a cop and confessed to carry out two bomb attacks in Germany in the time from September 2000 to April 2007. After this revelation Parliamentarian fact-finding Commissions were set up, but their work has been obstructed by the Intelligence Apparatus. This article reveals the main problems of the Parliamentarians.


The Intelligence Apparatus is not willing to inform the Parliamentarian Commission about its informers, which sale information to the Apparatus. The Undersecretary of State in the Interior Ministry, Klaus-Dieter Fritsche, said openly to the leading Commissioner Sebastian Edathy, that public weal would be more important than Parliamentarian fact-finding. Even if there were informers in the surround of the NSU, it would be legitimate to conceal that to the Commission:

Thanks to the work of the Parliamentarian investigation, it is known, that the three supposed NSU-members Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Zschäpe were "surrounded" by informers. The police in the Federal State "Thüringen" even had the suspicion, that the fugitive trio Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Zschäpe had connections to the Intelligence Apparatus and were warned about Police-activities. That suspicion based on the unsuccessful, long lasting hunt of a normally very successful special Police Unit ("fugitive unit"), and based on the reluctance of the Intelligence Apparatus to share information with the Police (bundestag). So it was not possible to arrest the trio, although they kept living in East Germany and used its right-wing network.

Destroying of files

The work of the Commissions is obstructed by the massive shredding of important files. Those files are partly connected to the trio and its surrounding right-wing supporters. Whereas the (supposed) existence of the terror-organization NSU was revealed middle of November 2011, the Apparatus kept destroying files until July 2012 (tagesspiegel). That destruction based on the order of the Interior Ministry. The order overruled the instruction of the then President of the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution", Heinz Fromm; therefore he resigned July 2012. Fromm said, that he was not informed about the destruction and was cheated by his own people.(welt)

Misinformation by the Secretary of the Interior

On Juli 2012, as the first information about destroyed files emerged, Home Secretary Hans-Peter Friedrich gave an interview to the German television "ARD". He blamed past "laxness" to obey to data protection regulations; the state is obligated to destroy files. Then he claimed, that there would be no connection between informants and the surround of the NSU.

After two months it came out, that there was one officially confirmed informant in the surround of the trio: Thomas Starke. He delivered them explosives (TNT) in the year 1997. During that time Starke should have been just under observation. He would have become an informer later, in the year 2000. The TNT should have been stolen from a depot of the "German Federal Armed Forces" (fr-online). The trio built bombs, which were hidden in three garages, one garage belonged a policeman (faz). The informer Tino Brandt bought an instruction book, how to build bombs (SZ). After the bombs were discovered, the trio could flee and went into the underground in the year 1998 and lived there until November 2011.

The NSU-Commission was informed about Starke not until middle of September 2012 (spiegel). The Interior Secretary of federal state Berlin, Mr. Frank Henkel, knew about him already from March 2012 on (morgenspiegel)! The telephone - protocols of Starke were destroyed as part of that shredding-campaign (welt).

The Spiegel reported about a secret letter of the "state-protection agency" of Berlin to "Federal Prosecutor's office". There the Intelligence Agency writes, that it did not want to overhand files to the office, because "it cannot be excluded", that the files fall then in the hands of the NSU-commission (Spiegel 39/2012, S. 41).

Connection to Right-wing organisation

"Thüringer Home Protection"

From 1996 to 1998 the trio was part of the group so called "Thüringer Home Protection" (THP). During that time the police feared, that its members could form a terrorist organization, because some became more and more militant and armed.(meininger tagblatt) Basically the THP was set up by informers. The leading member and informer Tino Brandt should have invested the money, he got from the Intelligence Apparatus (200.000 DM), in the build-up of the THP (wikipedia). During that time there were up to 45 informers in the THP; each fourth should have been paid by the Apparatus (TA)

"Ku Klux Klan"

The trio also had connection to the Ku Klux Klan. There are photos of Ms. Zschäpe, Mr. Böhnhardt and supposed NSU-supporters during a cross-burning in Germany (mdr) in 1996. 1998 the police found a mailing list of Mr. Mundlos. In the list stood the name “Thomas Richter”, who was an informer, leading member and founder of the Klan in Germany (spiegel). His “European White Knights of the Ku-Klux-Klan” (EWK KKK) existed from 2000 to 2003 and consisted in 19 members. Three members should have been informants and five more should have been Policemen. This provoked Commissioner Wolff to question Undersecretary Fritsche, whether there had been Ku Klux Klan member at all, who were no informers? (stern)

The founder of “White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan/Germany”, and informer Carsten Szczepanski should be one of the escape-helpers of the fugitive trio (zeit).

Two former Klan-members and policemen had known one (supposed) victim of the NSU; the 2007 shoot Policewoman Michele Kiesewetter. One Policeman was even her supervisor and on duty during her assassination (wikipedia).

Protecting of informers

According the Intelligence Apparatus the trio formed a small  terrorist cell ("Kleinstzelle") without many supporters. It would even not be clear, if their supposed supporters did know, that the trio were committing terrorist acts (SZ). The head of the "Federal Criminal Agency", Mr. Ziercke, said June 2012, that he has never seen such a degree of conspiracy (fr-online). The leading conservative politician, Hans-Peter Uhl, said, that even in the case of Ms. Zschäpe it could be, that she will only be convicted for arson of their apartment on 04.11.2011 (focus).

Could it be, that the apparatus is protecting its informers? It is known, that it had protected its informers in the past (spiegel). The head of the German NSU-Commission Sebastian Edathy commented, that the cooperation between the Intelligence Apparatus and Police was a disaster. As an example he spoke about the (supposed) NSU-murder of Halit Yozgat. Here the Police had its first "hot trial" (Die Zeit, 05.07.12, Nr. 28, Seite 6) in the case of the so called "Bosphorus serial murders". The murder-suspect was an officer of the apparatus itself. With support of the then Interior secretary of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, the police could not question the informers of that suspicious officer. Edathy therefore accused Bouffier, that he would have hindered the law enforcement of the police.

photo: Mister Sebastian Edathy, leading Commissioner

Edathy: "Am Ende ist das entschieden worden vom damaligen hessischen Innenminister Herrn Bouffier, heute Ministerpräsident, und der hat es so gesehen, wie der Verfassungsschutz. Und das ist, ehrlich gesagt, die Verhinderung von Strafverfolgung im Amt.” (youtube)


The result of the obstruction is a confusing general view, with many unanswered questions. It is even imaginable, that the case against the trio Böhnhardt, Mundlos and Zschäpe is partly made up the intelligence apparatus.


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