3 Released Gitmo Detainees Tell All on No Lies Radio! 9/11 Perps or Patsies? - you decide!
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Impeachment Could Be Our Last Chance for 9/11 Truth, Stopping the Iran War and Martial Law!!
Listen to the gripping testimony of these 3 released Gitmo detainees carefully! Then Act!

Read Rep. Kucinich's Articles of Impeachment. Call the Judiciary Committee and your Representative and Demand Impeachment Hearings Now. Be sure to mention Article 17 (illegal detention), Article 18 (Torture), Article 19 (Rendition) and Articles 33-35 regarding 9/11 Truth. Call 6 friends to do this also and ask them to call 6 friends...and this will go viral!!!

The GITMO 6...Patsies or Perps??? -- Coming Up on NO LIES RADIO

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BETWEEN THE LINES: The GITMO 6...Patsies or Perps???
Planned Guantanamo Trials Deny 9/11 Defendants Basic Rights

Gitmo 6

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