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9/11 Truth Movement Rejects Propaganda Of Hypocrisy

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We as members of the 9/11 Truth community deplore all forms of hatred and violence, including the unprovoked murderous attack by James von Brunn on June 10, 2009, in the Washington Holocaust museum. We also deplore peddlers of hatred who use such events for their own purposes, such as Glenn Beck, who recently said that von Brunn, because of his attack, was now "a hero in the 9/11Truther movement," which "would like to destroy the country" (

Observe 9/12ers interact with 9/11ers

This video is a supplement to Karl's "You are truly an inspiration" letter to Beck. I didn't make this event but plan to be at the next one. It is indeed surprising how open and receptive the people seem to be.

Yes, Glenn Beck is a true inspiration!

Media Smears of Truth Movement Reaching Crescendo

Media Smearing of Truth Movement Reaching a Crescendo
Despite recent breakthroughs, media continues to paint 9/11 truthers, others as dangerous terrorists

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
16 June, 2009

Recent months have seen numerous breakthroughs for the truth movement in the corporate media, from Fox 26's interview with Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth to 9/11 Press For Truth being aired on local television in Colorado to coverage of this year's Bilderberg conference in major British newspapers. Despite these positive developments, however, primetime TV dramas are continuing to portray those skeptical of the official 9/11 story (a clear majority of the American public according to poll after poll) as deranged terrorists who are likely to commit acts of violence.

FaxForTruth is back! Fax Fox! Fire Glenn Beck!

After an extended hiatus, FaxForTruth is back! Our newest campaign will focus on FOX News and Glenn Beck. Beck’s unconscionable defamation of the 9/11 Truth Movement is inexcusable. He must be held to account for what he has done. We must all come together and with one voice show these hate-mongers that this will not stand, that we will defend ourselves collectively against these bullying tactics. We must demand Glenn Beck’s immediate resignation or termination to get this sort of irresponsible journalism off the airwaves. You can use the sample letter provided below or write your own. As always a polite, respectful tone is preferable and you can send a free fax over the internet by going to

FOX News’ fax number: 212-301-4229

Sample letter:

Today’s date

Your name and address

Fox News Channel
1211 Ave. of the Americas
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 301-3000
Fax: (212) 301-4229

Dear FOX News,

Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Yesterday I sent this email to Glenn Beck, his producer and staff.

SUBJECT: Glenn Beck, you are truly an inspiration!

Dear Glenn Beck,

I am writing to sincerely thank you for the free publicity plug for our
organization and for your words of inspiration! Today (Sunday June 14th from 12
Noon to 5pm), five of us decided to attend one of your 9/12 Project Tea Parties
in New Richmond Ohio (just outside of Cincinnati). We had previously not
considered this particular crowd to be our likely target audience but today's
response was generally incredibly, overwhelmingly positive! There was quite a
crowd there. Complete with live music, guest speakers, clever political signs
about the fascistic direction of our country. A very anti Obama crowd.

We set up a table with several different flyers, signs and free dvds to disperse
to a very hungry audience. Since we were located right at the entrance to this
event we were able to offer all of our information to everyone who passed by. We
employed a very tactical approach by offering all passersbys a free dvd of The

Truth Action Ottawa's Response to Glenn Beck's Attack on the 9/11 Truth Movement

Mark from Truth Action Ottawa has a few choice words for Glenn Beck after Beck tried to associate the 9/11 Truth movement with the recent attack on the Holocaust Museum.

Don't Tell Me Who My Heroes Are

Support the families' call for a real investigation by going to and help them with the NYC Ballot Initiative, and call your Reps and tell them to support H.R. 847, the James Zadroga 9/11 Health & Compensation Act which will help the 9/11 First Responders.

Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement by Allison Bricker

Posted in full for posterity; visit the original for hyperlinks, pics and to support this fine writer, who supports the right of the People to free speech and accountable government:

Glenn Beck and Daily Kos Attempt to Tie Holocaust Shooting White Supremacist to Freedom Movement
June 12, 2009 at 1:08 pm
by: Allison Bricker

Editor’s Note:
In the interest of full disclosure, I am not now, nor previously have I been, a member, formally or otherwise of any “9/11 truth” organizations. However, it is difficult for me to understand the animosity towards those requesting a secondary investigation.

DJ Ball: Letter of response to Glenn Beck read by Jack Blood

Radio host Jack Blood read a letter by We Are Change Vancouver's DJ Ball to Glenn Beck. The letter is a response to Glenn Beck's unsubstantiated lies he spread on Fox News.

Last Minute Idea for Action on June 11th - TODAY!

Need a good idea for an action today?

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Comedy Tour's last night is TONIGHT JUNE 11th, just in time to incorporate the tour into your STREET ACTION! God really does have a terrific sense of humor.

I guess this is a rebroadcast of some taped comedy show that is playing out in movie theaters everywhere across the nation.

Quote from website:
Due to popular demand for Glenn Beck's theater events, an ENCORE screening will take place the following Thursday, June 11th. This show will be recorded live on June 4th and is being rebroadcast in select theaters on June 11th so you don't miss out on Glenn Beck's summer 2009 comedy tour.

Anyway, here is a list of cities, theaters and times.

Remember ... be polite :-)

Truth Action. Every 11th Until Justice!

Glenn Beck And Others Are Lying About The 9/11 Truth Movement

Today, sadly, someone went into the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and started firing. My condolences to everyone that was affected.

Glenn Beck and other individuals are making sure to point out the fact that he was an alleged member of the 9/11 Truth Movement, although I've never heard of the guy so Glenn is lying when he says that he was a hero.

Glenn Beck's FEMA Backflip

This video consists of a several clips from from Fox News featuring Glenn Beck. In the first part he makes some very disturbing claims about the reality of FEMA detainment camps and the possiblity of a totalitarian takeover of the United States with the imposition of martial law. In the next segment he completely reverses his position, saying that the information was not properly researched, despite having claimed earlier that his team had spent days researching and "could not debunk it".

Ron Paul: Doesn't Accept 9/11 Investigation

"From Glenn Beck (replacement propagandist) on 6/19/08."

Glenn Beck asks Ron Paul why he has so many supporters in the 9/11 truth movement.
YouTube Video:


I'll probably take a little bit of heat for this post but it has to be said...

Ron Paul makes his stance on 9/11 clear...again:

Glenn Beck is right, a lot of people believe that Ron Paul secretly thinks that 9/11 was an inside job but won't say it because he doesn't want to ruin his chances of getting elected, etc. This is simply not true. Look folks, Ron Paul is great, I really like the things that he has to say, and he is one of the three truth tellers in this race (the other two are Gravel and Kucinich). However, if you want to support a 9/11 truth candidate, Ron Paul is not your man.

Glenn Beck: Fun With Email,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Subject: Frothing Fascist Glenn Beck Has No Business on CNN "News" Network

Propaganda is not news. Is this some alien idea over at CNN these days? Send Beck over to Fox, where at least we know it's all spin all the time.

"Bill Maher's nasty spat with some 9/11 conspiracy nut jobs was a nuisance on live TV, but are these conspiracy theorists a menace to society? You bet they are."

Beck and censorship are the real "menace to society." The protestors were using civil disobedience (something Beck evidently never heard of) to protest Maher and his network's censorship of the most important news story of our time: the black and white proven cover up of the 9/11 attacks.