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Glenn Beck on Bill Maher protest: “9/11 Truth = Timothy McVeigh”!

Glenn Back: “This is the kind of group that ‘a Timothy McVeigh’ would come from.”

This is where Beck, or his producer, got the idea from;

Conspiracy Fanatics Invade Bill Maher
By Dave Nalle

"What they don't seem to get is that being obnoxious doesn't make people respect them, it makes those they want to influence and the audience they want to reach take them even less seriously. If you have a controversial cause and behave like a whacko, then people conclude that your cause is silly even before they have a chance to consider the evidence. "Stupid is as stupid does" is the operating principle under which they seem to be eager to be judged.

Glenn Beck Crosses the Line

Glenn Beck Crosses the Line

"9/11 Truthers Are the New Timothy McVeighs"

That's the quote from Glenn Beck on CNN Headline News, Monday October 22 at about 9:15 pm EST. Mark this date and time on your calender as the exact moment in time when Glenn Beck denounced his right to be a valid member of the 4th branch of government in this country. If I was a black female basketball player and he was Imus, I just might sue.

Glenn admitted that 12% of Americans believe that the government was behind the attacks. He also brought up Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell as members of this dangerous group that is tearing apart America.