9/11 Truth - We Will Overcome

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This video has been around for a while, though it seems kind of scarce on the internet right now. With exciting events like William Rodriguez lectures, the update of, 11th of every month gatherings and the upcoming 6 year anniversary of 9/11, I felt like searching around for this video today. The first time I saw it I was blogging pretty heavily on GNN, a media network that has seriously abused the 9/11 truth crowd.

What else we gonna do but keep pushing for truth?

(Documentary) American Blackout

Whatever you think you know about our election systems or Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, this film will make you question further why the news media fails to accurately inform the public. Directed by GNN's Ian Inaba, creator of Eminem's "Mosh" music video, American Blackout critically examines the contemporary tactics used to control our democratic process and silence voices of political dissent.

Many have heard of the alleged voting irregularities that occurred during the presidential elections of 2000 and 2004. Until now, these incidents have gone under- reported and are commonly written-off as insignificant rumors or unintentional mishaps resulting from an overburdened election system.

My GNN 9/11 blog is closed.

I have decided to close my blog at GNN which was largely a 9/11 skepticism blog.

In my opinion, 9/11 skepticism doesn't get a fair shake over there, and one blog on this topic is enough right now, anyhow.

This article helped me make the decision to move on;