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Google Video Numbers Must be Astounding on 9/11 Truth Films.

By the looks of Google Video's "Most Viewed" videos we ought to be doing real well at educating the masses. The top three have consistency been Zeitgeist, Loose Change, Freedom to Fascism, etc and End Game is in there as well. I wish Google still had their total views listed so we could see just how many people have seen these films. I remember well over three million had seen Freedom to Fascism around a year ago. The numbers must be amazing, its just that Google is no longer showing those results. Too bad. But at least there are a lot because these have been in the top ten for weeks if not longer. I'd like to get to the bottom of this.

See Prison Planet's viewpoint on this issue as well...

See Google Video's "Most Viewed" Videos:

Please contact Google Video and ask them to explain their policy regarding view counts on their Google Video service..


Google has just reset my views on both of my films. The 9/11 responder film had received at least 1147 views, up till yesterday. And my other film had 688 views or so. They are both down to a count of less than 50. Contact Google and tell them to stop censoring, or we are all in trouble.


We all get them, we all hate them, we all toss them in the garbage and give it no second thought.


BUT WAIT!!! Use that junk mail to your advantage!

Most junk mail comes with FREE POSTAGE paid on the return enevelopes. This can be used to your advantage as stated by brilliamt activist and good friend of mine Seeker135 on the LCF.

It takes brilliant ideas like this to make a difference!!!

Here is the meat of his thread!

From time to time many of us purchase things through mail order catalogs, or
respond with a donation to a worthy cause. As a result, we daily receive a
few junk mail letters from all and sundry.

Here's a way to spread word of your pet cause for the price of a stamp or

If you choose not to respond to the junk mail, DON'T throw away the return

Instead, insert a brief message of your choosing, and mail.

Since most repeat junk mail is unsolicited, no need to identify yourself. If

9/11 Revisited is the # 3 most watched video on google!

9/11 Revisited is currently the # 3 most watched video on google video!

Please help keep it in the top 10 by posting a link or putting the video on your myspace page and/or website.

Mark Cuban - 9/11 Truth Advocate or Hidden Agenda?

Lucus Drador / Jones Report | March 27, 2007
Reader Submitted Editorial


I was recently elated to hear the news that Charlie Sheen was going to do the narration of Loose Change Final Cut and Mark Cuban was offering to bankroll the popular 9/11 movie through his distribution company Magnolia Pictures.

Well, my grandeur was cut short when I remembered a recent incident that just happed within the past month. It involves, Mark Cuban, a You Tuber called Halifaxion, and the complete culling of massive amounts of 9/11 truth videos.

First, let me first explain just who Halifaxion was and what roll he played. Halifaxion was the biggest 9/11 truth activist on You Tube. Over the past few years, Halifaxion managed in collecting a huge plethora of almost 200 incriminating video clips including news broadcasts, interviews, and clips from various documentaries. There were hundreds of thousand of web sites linking to Halifaxion's videos. He also had accounts on both Google Video and iFilms where he offered his alternative theories about 9/11.

Home Made Do-It-Yourself Political Ads Having A Huge Effect!!!

Like I said before...These ads are working!!! Here is the link, here is the text. NOW GO MAKE SOME 9/11 ADS!!!


The nuclear mushroom cloud reflected in Daisy's eyes during the 1964 campaign. The revolving doors, with men casually walking in and out of prison in 1988. Enduring images from political campaigns are sometimes credited with changing the course of an election.

Some political consultants believe each campaign produces such a video moment. But this time around, what if the image isn't produced by either campaign?

Do-it-yourself political advertisements made by amateurs are now flooding the Internet thanks to cheap digital video production equipment and free video sharing sites like YouTube. And last week, the first genuinely viral video of the 2008 campaign made the rounds: Its target was Hillary Clinton.