100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down

100% Proof Google is Keeping Conspiracy Sites Down
"Link Relevance" Suppressed on Alternative Media
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9/11 Mysteries is Reinstated by Google Video!!

Last night I stumbled upon the recently re-activated Google page for the film. The previous view count (2,475,901 last night) also shows on the page!! Hooray!!

Last night I emailed Sofia, the creator of the film, and she responded this morning--she's totally elated!! Spread the word about this excellent film: it's a door opener to the TRUTH.

Sofia's letter to google and YouTube

Posted with approval from Sofia.*


Avatar, LLC
PO Box 698
Cardiff CA 92007

June 1, 2007

Google, Inc.
YouTube, LLC
[agents thereof]

Re: “911 Mysteries” - DMCA Counter Notification

On or about May 25, 2007, Google Video and YouTube removed links to the video (and to segments from the video) entitled “911 Mysteries,” produced by Avatar, LLC, as a result of a DMCA Takedown Demand filed by Richard A. Siegel, an individual associated with a work entitled “9/11 Eyewitness,” for reasons of copyright infringement.

Mr. Siegel’s claim of infringement is false. First, well before the release of “911 Mysteries,” Avatar obtained express permission from both Blue Star Media Group (co-owner of the copyright in the “Eyewitness” work) through its managing partner Jim Brewster, and from Mr. Siegel’s partner David Shaw, to incorporate limited segments of “Eyewitness” in “911 Mysteries.” Mr. Siegel’s two partners were fully cooperative with Avatar in licensing this material. Second, even if Avatar had not obtained express permission from the creators of “9/11 Eyewitness” to use their material in “911 Mysteries,” the 38 seconds of incorporated footage that Mr. Siegel has taken issue with is fully protected by the copyright Doctrine of Fair Use.

A Free Method to Spread 911 Truth -- 200 views/minute!

Hi 911 Truthers!

Here is a free method for spreading 911 Truth to a new audience. Search Google Video and Youtube for the most popular videos and post a comment relating them to 911. The better your comment relates the video to 911, the less likely it will be tagged as spam. The most popular videos get over 200 views/minute ! Problem is so many comments are posted that after an hour or so the comment will move off of the first (video) page, so we need everyone to post!

Example one: While searching protest music, I found this one, 'My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words ' (28.6 million views since January):

Did a little research about MCR on Wikipedia and posted this:

"Gerard Way was inspired to form 'My Chemical Romance' after witnessing the planes hit the WTC on 9/11/01. 9-11-01 WTC hero William Rodriguez and many others said the basement exploded and severe injuries occurred before any plane hit! With controlled demolition the basement is destroyed first to make room for the rubble, and in this case vaults filled with gold were in the basement. See Google videos '911 mysteries' and 'Loose Change'."

9/11 Mysteries disappeared from Google Video

Early in the day I noticed that main 9/11 Mysteries video has disappeared from Google Video.

Also translated versions have disappeared: Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Slovak, German, Spanish

Swedish and French seems to work.

Suggestion for an 911 Activist's group Google world map

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Has anyone used the new annotating function of Google Map where you can put addresses on the map. I suggest that gives us this possibility on this blog so that the 911 truth seekers can see who lives near them. I am including an example at the bottom and I especially suggest it for the 11th of each month 911 truth event.

I would like to do a gathering on the 11th of July in the Tuileries Gardens the centre of Paris as is happening in the United States. This June 11th is too early as an official permission has to be obtained from the Prefecture. I can not do it by myself but if there are some Americans or others living in Paris and who are prepared to help organise it and the following months then contact me at the email above and with the subject like ==> Contact 911 truth event the 11th of each month Tuileries Gardens

For four years I and friends organised an unemployment gathering twice a month in "le jardin de Tuileries".

G. Edward Griffin - BBC early report - may not mean what you think

It's a keeper. G. Edward Griffin, author of "Creature From Jeckyll Island: A second look at the Federal Reserve" weighs in on the BBC, CNN, Google, Youtube, Internet Archive, Federal government, Larry Silverstein, Ruddy Ghouliani, WTC 7 fiasco. For those unfamiliar with Griffin's book and are curious about money creation and debt, I highly recommend this video as a quick primer,

Money As Debt
Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms what money is and how it is being created. It is an entertaining way to get the message out.

Click here to avoid the spoiler below:

After laying out his reasonable hypothesis and certain facts, Griffin comes to the following conclusion:


Considering these facts, for anyone to issue a report to the press that Building Seven was expected to collapse, is powerful evidence that some people actually did have prior knowledge – not necessarily of the 9/11 attacks, but prior knowledge that Building Seven was going to be brought down by controlled demolition. Since it takes many weeks of prior planning to bring down a building like that by controlled demolition, preparations would have started long before 9/11. That fact, alone, is all we need to unravel the whole shoddy fabric of lies.


But that may not mean what you think

G. Edward Griffin March 2, 2007

In the final week of February, 2007, the Internet was ablaze with a video tape that showed news commentators for the BBC on the morning of 9/11 stating categorically that Building 7 at the World Trade Center had collapsed, but the announcement was made at least twenty minutes prior to the event. In one scene, reporter Jane Standley is seen saying that Building 7 had collapsed, all the while it is clearly visible in the skyline behind her.

Truth Videos Surge Into Google Top 100

PrisonPlanet's got the goods:

A wave of 9/11 truth and other alternative documentaries have suddenly surged up the Google Video rankings, with three "conspiracy" videos in the top eleven alone, including Alex Jones' Terror Storm.

Loose Change is at number three and Aaron Russo's America From Freedom to Fascism at number four.

9/11 Mysteries sits at number fifteen.

Please send this link out to all your friends and e mail lists and help push Terror Storm even further up the charts.

Having so many activist documentaries in the higher echelons of the Google top 100 ensures that new people who have not previously encountered this kind of information will become exposed to the truth.

We can provide a fresh outreach to millions more around the world but only with your help. Please help circulate the Terror Storm link and the other great films via Google Video.

$20 bucks

Five minute video comparing WTC 7 fire to other skyscraper fires, and also to controlled demolition. The video is set to The Blue Danube. A vivid example for just about anyone out of the blue who might be questioning 911. It's brief, easy to listen to, and for the coming holidays and the year ahead, it's a great way to send $20 bucks to everyone you know and love.

911 Press for Truth

BBC Newsnight: Yahoo caught providing information against Bloggers in China

Imagine a knock on the door after you have been on the internet, blogging, and the next moment you are under arrest. Not the latest BBC drama - but a real life one. Amnesty International today (27th October 2006) launched a campaign in defence of internet bloggers in many countries - including China, Tunisia and Iran who have been arrested for expressing views which have upset their governments.

But how have they been tracked down? It turns out that they have been turned in by major internet providers such as Yahoo and Microsoft, who have supplied foreign governments with the information they need to pursue them. We'll be asking these companies whether they believe in free speech.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL: "Call to Bloggers" to stand up for freedom ahead of world meeting on future of Internet

Internet Search Trend: 9/11 Truth vs. War on Terror

 9/11 Conspiracy    9/11 Truth    War on Terror   

9/11 Truth vs 9/11 Conspiracy vs War on Terror

[UPDATE] A few things are worth noting. "9/11 Conspiracy" and "9/11 Truth" do not show up in the news reference volume. Also, "9/11 Conspiracy" doesn't show up until almost 2004. Now, look at this old Slashdot post, Google Censors Abu Ghraib Images. It makes me think that at some point in time, the evidence wasn't available on Google, and that's why the trend didn't show up.


Pigeons vs. Goo-Tube

...But as the Goo-Tube model develops, behind each video will be a powerful connection to an ad, targeted to the user's online behavior, as well as the stealth collection of personal data. As Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive, noted about his company's acquisition of MySpace, "the digital gold inside of MySpace wasn't the number of users, but the information they're providing." [Google, it should be noted, now also represents the interests of Rupert Murdoch's US empire. In August Google became Fox's principal online advertising agent for MySpace, Fox TV and Fox Interactive.]

Given this emerging marketing model, the US broadband infrastructure may well become one giant "brandwashing" machine. The most powerful communications system ever developed by humans is increasingly being put in the service of selling, commercialization and commodification. And it will lead to an inherently conservative and narcissistic political culture, in which the interests of the self and the consumption of products are the primary, most visible, media messages. And unless we begin to challenge it now, the emerging digital culture will seriously challenge our ability to effectively communicate, inform and organize.

911oz Content is De-indexed by Google has been online since January of 2006.

During the time the website has been online, web stats showed an average 40-50 unique visitors per day. In early September I added a number of RSS news links to the main page. On 11 September 2006 there was a sharp spike which lasted for one day, as expected. On this day I had 120 vistors. Traffic then returned to the previous average.

In the week following the anniversary of 9/11 there was another sharp increase in the number of visitors to about 250. The traffic then spiked again to about 400 visits per day after I posted an essay on 9/11 Blogger.

A few days later the traffic dropped again sharply - and is now back to the previous average of 40-50 visits per day. There is a major difference in current traffic statistics however - whereas before a large part of my traffic came from google searches, now it is coming almost exclusively from "direct links". In order to investigate why this might be I ran a few google searches on blocks of text taken directly from my home page. The search results in all cases came up empty of links to 911oz.

Google Censoring 9/11 Stories

Prison Planet points out that Google appears to be censoring 9/11 news.

Today's Prison Planet article focuses on Google's censorship of Alex Jones' Terror Storm film, Charlie Sheen's statements about 9/11, and the website

Action item:

"Please e mail Google and ask them why they keep trimming the viewership figures for Terror Storm. Demand an answer as to why they are unfairly blocking Terror Storm from reaching large numbers of people. We appreciate the great service that Google Video provides for free but what are they so afraid of that they would deliberately alter viewership totals and suppress the impact of this movie?"

Google Caught In Terror Storm Censorship

Get those numbers back up, view Terror Storm on Google here.

Google is again embroiled in a censorship farce after its Google Video sub-division was caught altering viewing statistics for Alex Jones' Terror Storm documentary, resetting runaway growth curbs to prevent the video making the website's top ten and its online viewership exploding exponentially.

Following last week's buzz about Terror Storm being available for viewing free on Google Video, numerous websites linked to our promo page and as a result viewing figures for all versions of Terror Storm at Google Video began to climb rapidly.

However, upon checking the same viewer figures on Sunday, Alex Jones noticed that many had been reset to zero and had only begun to climb into the hundreds and early thousands, nowhere near their previous levels of tens and hundreds of thousands for the previous days. The trends had been artificially reversed and this prevented Terror Storm from entering the top ten list of Google Video which would have ensured an explosion of further circulation of the video.