Government Agents

Hey, Hot-Shot

If you're working for the government or one of its subcontractors to debunk the claim that the government had a hand in 9/11, you are probably young and a winner (If you're a gray-hair, you should read this also).

The "agency" doesn't hire losers. They look for promising young people with proven leadership, scholastic, interpersonal or technical skills. You don't just slouch your way into these kind of jobs. You've already proven yourself to be eager, talented, with alot of promise and potential.


If you're working to take the wind out of the "9/11 Truth Movement", you also must believe one of the following three things:

(1) That it is not true that the U.S. government had a hand in 9/11, and that that's a very dangerous myth

(2) That it might be true, but that "the ends justify the means", as described below


(3) That its all about money and excitement, so who cares?

Okay, you've got to admit that you fall into one of these 3 categories, right?

No Way