government control

House Passes Thought Crime Prevention Bill

This is related to 9/11 truth, I believe, inasmuch as all who promote 9/11 truth are likely to fall under the provisions of the bill.

This is a 'must read'...... The latest assault on the freedoms of Americans (beginning with such pieces of trash as the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, Warner's bill, Directive 51..... and now this. And it should be pretty clear from the fact of such support (404 vs 6) in the House, that both parties are complicit in this and both are working at the behest of the actual power structure in this country to suppress any dissent, any efforts to actually confront the power structure (peacefully or otherwise).

This needs to go viral... indeed it has begun to be on the web and internet radio within the last day.....

So Please spread this out to others you may know....... Although it is probably pointless to 'call your elected representative' , the fact that is has yet to go to the Senate means that there is at least some chance to fight it.