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Stallone Decries "Bold Faced Lying To Pacify The Masses"

Stallone Decries "Bold Faced Lying To Pacify The Masses"
Rambo star asked why he does not "go after Al Qaeda" in new movie

Steve Watson
Thursday, Jan 17, 2008

Sylvester Stallone, star of the upcoming fourth Rambo film, has described the current political climate as being based upon "bold faced lying" by governments in order to "pacify the masses".

Taking part in a question and answer session for popular culture website, Stallone was responding in answer to a mind numbing and cringe inducing question from a fan as to why Rambo does not "git them evil islamo-facist muslim dudes" in his fourth and final outing.

"Dr. Michael Hfuhruhurr" from Los Angeles (if indeed he is a real doctor - which I seriously doubt given that he brags about having full sex with a woman before asking his question) asked the following question of Stallone: