Government lying

Mike Ruppert comments on dead of Osama bin Laden (DNA proof?)

On the day Osama bin Laden was announced killed, there were reports about DNA tests being made and resulting in a positive match, beginning in the morning here in Germany, likewise 7-9 hours after the raid. On midday, 12-14 hours after the raid, there was a slightly change, they said DNA tests had been made but the results are open, in the afternoon, 16-19 hours after the raid, they announced a 99,9% positive match.

Only a single newspaper magazine here in Germany had the guts to question a DNA-expert themselves, the SZ (Süddeutsche Zeitung). The expert said, such a fast result is unlikely. And a 99,9% match too, especially if DNA of Osama bin Laden was extracted first out of the death body and the checking sample was from a relative, not by him himself, taken earlier. If the referring probe came from a woman, half-sister, it would be nearly impossible to reach 99,9%, most likely 90% at most, if he was her half-brother, but then, Osama did have lots of other brothers, it could still would mean no positive identification.

Now Mike Ruppert turns in after a long time absent from 9/11 truth. He did ask a DNA expert himself, too. Look what this expert has to say: