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9/11 Free Fall 3/14/13: Gregg Roberts

Gregg Roberts has worked as a technical writer for over 16 years and has done IT business and data analysis for about 20 years. He graduated in 1990 with a B.A. from UT Austin, and has authored several ebooks about 9/11. He was also one of the writers of the paper that analyzed the dust of the Twin Towers. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall he talks with Andy Steele about the paper and about legal routes to justice.

WeAreChangeLA facilitates scientific discourse on 9/11 nano-tech thermitic material w/ Gregg Roberts and Priya Vashishta

On October 14, 2009, at the same event at the University of Southern California where WeAreChangeLA had confronted former Secretary of the Air Force Thomas C. Reed on 9/11 war games and the threats of nuclear treason ( ), a conversation was struck up with Priya Vashista, a nano-energetics expert and USC professor. Vashista gave his version of a possible explanation for a spontaneous type of thermitic reaction involving the aluminum from the planes and rust from the buildings' steel. After being asked whether he was describing what he saw as the potential for the formation of nano-thermite specifically, Vashista said that he was. It was clear that he had not been familiar with the "Active Thermitic Material" itself or the specific nano-tech qualities that it displays. However, in addition to openly stating that "many questions have not been fully explained," Vashishta was quite open and thankful to receive the abstract from the "Active Thermitic Material" paper and said that he would be willing to comment on it after looking in to it.

AE911Truth At AIA Headquarters in Washington DC

07/20/2009 - AIA General Counsel meets with Richard Gage, AIA at the headquarters of the American Institute Of Architects in Washington DC.

Your Speech Shall Whisper Out of the Dust- Isaiah 29

For Steven Jones, the authors of the Active Thermitic Material paper, and Isaiah 29

Your Speech Shall Whisper Out of the Dust

All returns to earth and clay
The living, sky, waters,
The fires.

Consumed by processes
The earth speaks through sounds and motions
Guided by prophesies.

Atomized lives mingle with earth stopped torments,
Quieted, except the sounds let loose through

Those sounds, those whispers…

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Fine particles of thought and emotion
Smaller than electrons find pathways
To those who give thanks, those who connect to time before.
All that is time, is sacred.

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Life happens because of connection.
Connection is the thread transcendent.
Connection leads to what is and what can be.

The time has arrived.
Connection speaks. The earth speaks.

Revealed is the story of what is and what was.

Your speech shall whisper out of the dust.

Exchange of emails (March 2009) with Robert Erickson, producer of the National Geographic special on 9/11

A special on 9/11 has just been shown on the National Geographic Channel, produced by Robert Erickson. Robert also conducted interviews with me and others. In March 2009, Prof. David Ray Griffin and I and Gregg Roberts exchanged emails with Robert Erickson which demonstrate our efforts to get Mr. Erickson and his team to be accurate and fair in their treatment of our scientific work regarding 9/11 – particularly the evidence for the use of explosives in the World Trade Center destruction. For the record, then, I have pulled together our exchanges of emails.

Robert Erickson, emailed David Ray Griffin on 3/27/09:
"if Jones is surprised that we just placed bags of thermite around the column...what else would Jones have suggested? "

I was informed of the question above and I responded on 3/28/09 as follows:


Bags of commercial thermite set against a steel column -- what a pathetic "experiment." Not anywhere close to representing my views, as you must know, from our discussion about the red/gray chips and the crucial distinction between ordinary thermite and super-thermite! What a terrible and unfair straw-man joke you are evidently trying to pull.

German website for infos about "Active Thermitic Material..." launched

We launched a new website here for the german speaking part of the world with a short overview on the latest study and a easy link to keep in mind. (even if the name is not 100% scientifically correct)

Here it is:

So, where are those 9/11 whistleblowers?

70-page essay by that title is available as PDF, advertised here:

The description text and contents (below!) pretty much give away the argument to anyone who knows the issues and can use logic to reconstruct what he's saying, based on the issues raised. Nevertheless, you may decide that you'd like to read what looks like a well-organized treatment and give the guy a deserved $9.50.

I think it looks very interesting.


Where Are the 9/11 Whistleblowers?
Answering a Common Objection to Theories That the September 11 Attacks Were an Inside Job

A 9-11 Research PDF Essay
by Gregg Roberts, Associate Editor (of )

Note: Since there have actually been many whistleblowers -- just no one who credibly claims to be one of the perpetrators -- the present title is something of a misnomer. (...)