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Care to attach any significance here, Rudy?

Did anyone else catch this in New York Magazine's current issue?

“I knew what they were standing on top of,” Giuliani says. “They were standing on top of a cauldron. They were standing on top of fires 2,000 degrees that raged for a hundred days. And they put their lives at risk raising that flag.”


More Ground Zero Heroes On The Record: Building 7 Was Deliberately Brought Down

Testimony of multiple rescue personnel that they were told Building 7 was going to be imploded means FEMA, NIST, Silverstein Properties and federal government all lied, revelations demand immediate grand jury inquiry into insurance fraud, vindicates call for new independent 9/11 investigation

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Friday, February 9, 2007

Two more ground zero emergency rescue personnel are on the record as stating they were told Building 7 was going to be brought down on 9/11 hours before its symmetrical implosion, completely contradicting the official explanation of accidental collapse.

The new revelations provoke urgent questions about how a building was rigged with explosives within hours when such a process normally takes weeks or months and why the decision was taken to demolish the building amidst the chaos of the situation on that day.

Yesterday we reported on the testimony of an anonymous EMT named Mike who told Loose Change producer Dylan Avery that hundreds of emergency rescue personnel were told over bullhorns that Building 7, a 47 story skyscraper adjacent the twin towers that was not hit by a plane yet imploded symmetrically later in the afternoon on 9/11, was about to be "pulled" and that a 20 second radio countdown preceded its collapse.

Shortly after this article was released we uncovered more astounding testimony of ground zero rescue workers who are fully public and on the record in repeating the same claims, that Building 7 was brought down deliberately and that its collapse was not accidental as the government claims.

911 related illness

Does anyone have any information relating to illnesses from ground zero exposure sufferred by people who work near the wtc site. I, for one was present for the collapses and was called back to work on 9/12/01. Although I never stepped directly on the pile of rubble, I was within two city blocks of it until the end of November of 01. It is now more than 5 years later and I still suffer from chronic sinus infection, gastric reflux and post traumatic stress syndrome.

Video: Big day for street action at Ground Zero - 11/18/06

40mb MOV - 911podcasts mirror
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This video has some priceless moments. There were a coincidentally large number of activist at Ground Zero that day, and we took full advantage of our unified presence. Our resident debunker was also present, doing his best to represent the 'official conspiracy theory'. We even got the message on live TV, and captured the angry response of the news correspondent. The day was challenging and inspiring.

Ground Zero - Box Columns Memorial

.. will distract people, into perpetuity, from the truth of 9/11.

9/11 families don’t care about W.T.C. box beams

By Michael Burke

We, all of us, have one duty at ground zero — what was until the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, the World Trade Center: to bear witness to the truth. It does not matter who we are, presidents, governors, mayors, billionaire developers, government officials, cultural experts, Downtown residents, witnesses, survivors, family members. The events of 9/11, the evil that struck, the death and destruction, the heroism and sacrifice bind us all equally and irrevocably. No one has the right to try and discard that truth or to substitute their version of it — for any reason.

The memorial site must speak equally to future generations as it does to us.

At Gettysburg, Lincoln said the history of the site “has consecrated this ground far above our poor power to add or detract.” At ground zero, the exact opposite philosophy has been applied.

Recently it was announced that the W.T.C. Memorial Foundation, working with “9/11 families” and “preservation groups” will spend untold millions of public funds, whether gathered through taxes or donations, to construct a 120 foot by 120 foot area 60 feet below the W.T.C. plaza that is supposed to somehow convey the breadth and majesty of two, 110-story towers that soared into the sky. They will further construct “raised walkways” to protect ground that has seen countless truck, cars and foot traffic, and rain and snow. These walkways, like ones found in pristine natural areas, will provide views of the box beam column remnants of the Twin Towers — things that practically no one has ever expressed an interest in and could not recognize if their lives depended upon it.

New Video: SPEAKING OUT - An interview with Craig Bartmer

Former NYPD Officer Craig Bartmer was a 9/11 First Responder and a committed worker at Ground Zero. He, like many others who worked to clean Ground Zero, has developed respiratory illnesses as a result of the toxic dust inhaled at the site. Also like many others who were physically affected by the attacks, Craig Bartmer is now combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this interview he details his eyewitness account of the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7. He also speaks out against the official 9/11 story, the lies told by the EPA about the air quality at Ground Zero and the critical need for a fresh independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

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Summer 2004 at Ground Zero with Filmmaker John Albanese

Its hard to believe that more than two years have passed. From time to time I would like to post some of the video footage from the movement's past. This is NY911Truth's Les Jamieson interviewing me at ground zero in the summer of 2004.

Many today do not know that brave activists began vigils at ground zero, long before the vast majority of the public was aware a movement even existed - and an absolute airtight media blackout on the subject existed. These brave activists, which included Les Jamieson (ny911truth), Nicholas Levis (SummerOfTruth, Mike Kane (From The Wilderness), Nico Haupt (TVFakery), Kyle Hence (911CitizensWatch), Jeffrey (No Police State) Cristian Flemming, Dawn, among many many others, stood vigil and educated the masses who came to see what remained of the WTC, and to understand 9/11.

I can remember one freezing cold Saturday when an older war veteran spat chewing tobacco on me, and Nico Haupt stood toe to toe with him for what seemed like an eternity as we waited to see if he would turn violent and throw the first blow. This sort of hostility went with the territory. But, even then, a surprising number of tourists from all over the world, including many from America's heartland, stopped and listened - and appeared to understand. Even then I believe Americans knew in their hearts that something was seriously wrong with the national narrative.

Contacto Newspaper in Matamoros, Mexico Publishes Report on 5th Anniversary Events

Full translation from JR Guerra:

What the media hid from you this past 11th of September in New York.

11th of September, 2006.
New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Sure, during the morning the mass media of the U.S.A. and Latin America showed dramatic scenes by television of ceremonies with relatives of victims and several political heads from the pit of the World Trade Center (WTC) located in the downtown area of Manhattan Island of the City of New York, where the famous "Twin Towers" (twin skyscrapers of 110 floors), the Marriott Hotel (of 22 floors), three other buildings (of 9 floors) and the "Austin J. Tobin" plaza that was located in the center of the super block of the WTC once stood (a total of 16 acres in size).

What the media did not show us during the course of the morning was what was happening at the same time outside of the giant pit on the streets that surround it. About three thousand demonstrators from diverse parts of the continent met during this past fifth anniversary of the 11th of September, 2001 terrorist attacks at the WTC and were present marching outside of the WTC all wearing black T-shirts that had the phrase "INVESTIGATE 911" across the chest. One third of these shirts (about 700) were donated and distributed by the producers of the documentary video "Loose Change" within a pair of hours. During the course of the morning the producers of "Loose Change", with the aid of thousands of demonstrators, distributed about 9,600 DVD's of the documentary video to the pedestrians, relatives of victims, firemen, police, employees and owners of near businesses, etc.

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Pulse 5 911 ~ 5 Years of The War and Terror

5 year anniversary video for the terrorist acts of 911
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 66 mgs 19.11 minutes

Video coverage of the 5th anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks. Featuring Alex Jones, Immortal Technique, Mumia Abu Jamal, Korey Rowe and Random Americans.

5 years ago I went from totally apathetic average Amer'can to guerilla video activist in a matter of weeks .. because of 911. After 5 years of struggling to expose the repression inherit in the system and gain underground media expose for the various causes that have sprung up since 9.11.01 .. I'm amazed at how stubborn people can be when it comes to defending their opinions.. especially when they have no facts to back those opinions. If I thought I'd still need to be doing this 5 years later.. I'm not sure I would have begun.

Pulse 5 911 ~ George Bush Visits Ground Zero

George Bush visits Ground Zero
Click Image to Download the VIDEO 31 mgs 9 minutes 10 seconds
~ Bandwidth Challenged 9.10.06

It's perplexing the way people hold tight to their views even when they hold views that might be considered exclusive to each other. The American mind is quite baffling. It seems that if any 2 people talk and hear each other long enough, they will find things that they agree upon and things they disagree upon. Why do we always focus on the disagreable part?

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Thomas-Scott Gordon's mentioning of Kurt Sonnenfeld (who now is elsewhere dubbed a "whistleblower" too)

You may have read reprehensor's hint to Thomas-Scott Gordon's affadavit on the demolition of the WTC. Thomas-Scott Gordon mentions (in not too friendly a context) one certain Kurt Sonnenfeld, who he suspected to be following him arround (accompanied by one Jim Chestnut) on behalf of the FBI.

That name rang a bell. Because some more Info about that same Sonnenfeld I found here:

Kurt Sonnenfeld - FEMA's WhistleBlower?" (at

According to the story, Sonnenfeld now is in Argentina (read link to find out the bizarre details). In an interview with Argentine daily newspaper El Pais on September 10th 2006 he is supposed to have said (about his work as a photographer for FEMA on Ground Zero, during the "remove the rubble" cleanup operation)::

"I was the only person, with camera in hand, with total and absolute access to any area of Ground Zero and the WTC. Any other cameras that were within that area would have been confiscated and the the (sic!) person carrying them arrested. [....] What I saw at certain moments and in certain very frightening, I don't know who (sic!) to put it in words, what I saw leads me to the terrible conclusion that there was foreknowledge of what was going to happen." Reports on 9/11/2006 Events in NYC

Truthmove members get invited to participate in Buddhist prayer

Ground Zero - 9/11/06 -

This year's demonstration at Ground Zero was the largest rally for 9/11 truth to date. The energy was amazing, as 9/11 activists peacefully mingled with other progressive activists, police and fire fighters, those visiting the site of their loss, religious groups, bikers, random onlookers, and even people who were there in a coordinated effort to debunk our assertions. At different times there appeared to be between 600 and 1000 activists attending. Hundreds of people wore black shirts provided by the Loose Change crew, that said "Investigate 9/11." Our presence and purpose were unmistakable to anyone who visited Ground Zero that day. Despite a great deal of aggressive taunting from a few people insulted by our presence, the day went by without any unfortunate incidents.
While many in the movement have both academic and political differences, the most compelling overall sense of the experience was one of our unity. When we are all out on the street together, all fighting for the same cause, especially in the eyes of others, all subject to the same prejudice, a lot of our differences seem less important. Let's all hold on to a bit of that feeling as we go back to our various pursuits.

Be sure to visit the link for the full article.

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Wayne Madsen reports "an unusually high rate of non-Hodgkin lymphoma" for 9/11 Ground Zero workers

I've not seen this story elsewhere, and I'm not sure about how reliable the source usually is (Wayne Madsen Report) -- but the content is worth to be researched more and possibly verified (or not). See:

Sept. 12, 2006 -- According to sources who worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at Ground Zero on and after 911, residents of southern Manhattan and rescue and clean-up workers involved in the recovery operations at the site of the former World Trade Center are experiencing an unusually high rate of non-Hodgkin lymphoma -- a cancer that is common among individuals who have been exposed to extremely high levels of ionizing radiation, such as that from nuclear blasts and major nuclear reactor leaks. In addition to the respiratory problems among rescue workers at Ground Zero who breathed toxic "pulverized" concrete and other debris into their lungs, the radiation cancer is of extreme interest to researchers who suspect that the World Trade Center towers and Building 7 were brought down with the help of high energy releases. WMR spoke to a number of individuals who were at Ground Zero on 911 who are now experiencing symptoms resulting from severe damage to their immune systems -- a condition that is common among those exposed to high levels of radiation.

Sources close to FEMA in New York confirmed to WMR that the lymphoma cases are believed to be the result of a release of extremely high levels of radiation from a series of nuclear events on the morning of 911. They believe that explains the reason for the "pulverization" of concrete, molten metals, pyroclastic surges and fallout, and other anomalies resulting from the catastrophe. It was also pointed out that some vehicles parked on the west side of the World Trade Center were "fused" on the sides facing the towers -- the doors being melted into the body frames. Other cars parked nearby were not similarly affected. There is also evidence of explosions and fires on top of the Woolworth Building, three blocks away from the World Trade Center, during the attack on the towers.

FEMA officials from Washington, DC were quick to ban any unofficial photography in southern Manhattan in the weeks following 911. Any photographers who had not received prior permission from FEMA to be in southern Manhattan found their photographic and filming equipment confiscated by the government.

Taking to the streets on 9/11

Thanks to Carol for sending this in:
On the morning of 9/11, I couldn’t watch the reading of names on NY1.Not five years in a row. I clicked off the ritual of bereaved families, somber politicos and media scripters and went to work on the computer. Before I knew it, it was 1 o’clock. Something gnawed. I needed to go down to Ground Zero, at least to pay my respects to the gone. Yet what I found was very alive. Thousands of 9/11 Truth Movement members shouting,, "9/11 was an inside job, 9/11 was an inside job.” This interspersed with the raspy voice of Alex Jones booming the facts of the Towers’ demise on a bullhorn. But this was no bull. This was a whole new ballgame.
There were cordons of cops in black and blue, white shirt officers, the brass, the suits, the shooters with burp guns and helmets, tactical cops in caps.