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Photos from Ground Zero 9/11/06 (by a Protest Warrior?)

Here are some photos I came across on flickr. The photographer doesn't seem too sympathetic to our cause, in fact, a look at some of this other photo captions reveals that he may be specifically going to to left wing protests to photograph and then ridicule the participants.

We actually exchanged words with this guy, he was telling us that our banner was "hate speech" against the families. I told him that the dead would probably want to know the truth of who killed them.

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TruthMove report from Ground Zero


That was the largest rally for 9/11 truth yet. The energy was amazing. A real shot in the arm for any of us who have been feeling a bit pessimistic. A big thanks to the NY911truth and Loose Change crews, and Frank Morales and Alex Jones, for making this work and successful.

First of all, that morning Dylan and Jason did a great job standing up to the establishment goons sent to debate them on Democracy Now! At Ground Zero, Jones kicked ass getting the crowd hyped up, Luke did a great job keeping our crowd in line, and everyone kept their cool. We saw Les, Frank, Nick, John, Nico, Victor, Judy, Rodney, Jon, Sherry, and Charlie, among others. Zwicker and Rodreguez, still in makeup from TV interviews, talking to movement folks, and the curious. Jenette waved from her window above. Kerry and Eric got a lot of attention, as always, with their infamous and huge, "The Bush Regime Engineered 9/11" sign. Later Tom gave a rousing speech about how we fight for justice with and for the police and not against them. They certainly had to protect us more than anyone else at ground zero that day.

At one point, carrying our sign around, and not being able to set down in one place, one of the monks conducting a prayer for peace, asked us to stand behind them. He specifically wanted the side that says "9/11 was an inside job." to face forward. The other side says "The lies will not stand!" They were playing drums and chanting. The police had a hard time keeping all the people moving past us. We were both moved by the gesture, and felt honored to join their prayer.