The 9/11 Truth Movement is a Growing Phenomenon

A Growing Phenomenon ~
July 25, 2008

The truth movement is just that-a growing phenomenon. It is growing in the minds of average Americans, as well as high-class citizens. As an example, the groups, “Crush the New World order”, and “9/11 truth movement,” are growing rapidly. Everyday, there are 30-40 new members. That is a fast-growing number. That means almost 30,000 people are committed enough to join the group, attach it to their name, and help with this fight against the government each year. And that is on the social sight, Facebook, alone. Think about how many people are buying shirts, wristbands, visiting, infowars, ect. It is astounding how our numbers grow. We can march on Washington, protest in New York, and eventually change the world.