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Italy, molto grazie! "Rogue World" Meetings in Italy, May 4 - June 8

Interest in 9/11 skepticism continues to grow in Italy, helped no doubt by William Rodriguez's positive media experience, but also by hard, dedicated, on the ground work by activists like Emanuele Montagna of gruppo Faremondo.

Montagna helped organize the First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001, and sent us a first-hand report of the day's events. You can view some video of the events here;

The Italians have also used the form of a play to generate interest and inform, with the play "UnDC-9". Some video excerpts here;

Now, Montagna and company have set up a series of Six meetings from May 4 - June 8 called "Rogue World";


Rogue World

War, Imperialism and Western Society in the post-911 Age

Six meetings organized by Emanuele Montagna (Faremondo)

Bologna, Italy, meeting room of Dopolavoro Ferroviario Park (Railway Station)

A Report on the Italian 9/11 Conference

9/11 skepticism is an international phenomenon. 5 years after 9/11, people in France, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Japan, Denmark, the Netherlands, and elsewhere, gathered to discuss and review the abundance of materials that cast a critical eye on the events of 9/11. The lies, deceptions, half-truths, and omissions that swirl around the events of 9/11 will not stand.

In this great report from Emanuele Montagna, we get the lowdown on the biggest 9/11 conference in Italy to date, and probably the biggest 9/11 conference in Europe, to date. Thanks to Webster Tarpley for helping get this report to us, so we can share it with everyone.

(Two video links of conference coverage, from Italian TV)

11-9 Global Deceit
Nature and significance of September 11, 2001

Bologna 17 September 2006
Teatro Arena del Sole

Report on a special day

About the event

The first international conference on the events of September 11, 2001, which took place in Bologna (Italy) was an (un)expected occasion. The venue was the well-known theatre, Arena del Sole. An imposing structure, it conferred a sense of solemnity on the proceedings, and for this reason provided the right kind of backdrop for the subject discussed and for a re-evocation of the key moments of that tragic day, seen in the light of the passions and in the light of reason. If September 11, 2001 is a historical watershed for the evolution of contemporary society – which it is – then it was commemorated as it should be commemorated. Not only does the date occur at the dawning of the third millennium; it also reveals the true face of the forces that move the world.

Bologna hosted the first and largest international event of this kind in Europe. Many experts turned up. Particularly important was the presence of experts from the United States. The many papers they have dedicated to analysis of the events are of particular value since they combine consistency on a conceptual level with attention to detail, and because they are the product of social and community commitment of an order that requires considerable courage and generosity. The task they have set themselves is a hard one, and dangerous too. However, it falls into the category of the most noble of human efforts – the search for the truth.