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America Is Finally Revolting Against The Republicans, Investigate 9/11?

Sex, money and Iraq are a triple-whammy of reasons for voters to turn against President George Bush and his party

Why on EARTH would they want to do something like that? *sarcasm*

Andrew Rawnsley in Washington
Sunday October 15, 2006
The Observer

It is one of George Bush's favourite frat boy pranks to grab people in a neck lock. That is appropriate because he and his party have had a stranglehold on America. The Republicans have occupied the White House since 2001. They've controlled the House of Representatives and for most of the time, the Senate as well. Thanks to the appointments made by Bush, the Supreme Court belongs to the right too.

Karl Rove, the grand wizard of strategy known as 'Bush's brain', seemed close to realising his ambition to create a Republican hegemony that would last for a generation. He had a dream of turning America into a one-party state and it was a dream that looked like becoming all too real. A country founded on the idea of the separation of powers has rarely witnessed such a concentration of might in the hands of one party.