Guest Soapbox

Guest Soapbox: Does "any reasonable" think Bush knew of 9/11?

Does anyone reasonable think that the above title should have "anyone reasonable" in place of "any reasonable"? . . . Maybe I'm the one who's wrong here.


SATURDAY DECEMBER 1, 2007 Last modified: Saturday, December 1, 2007 12:23 AM PST

Guest Soapbox: Does any reasonable think Bush knew of 9/11?

By Ed Currall / Yucca Valley

I read with interest the Guest Soapbox of Oct. 31, “Bush has never learned history’s lessons” written by Daniel Lea, as a response or rebuttal to my letter “In case you’ve forgotten, we are at war.” From the content of his article, Mr. Lea seems to be well informed and probably well educated. If he remembers many of the events cited, I would assume he is probably close to my age. While I do not wish to debate Mr. Lea, and I believe, as he states, that we are each entitled to our opinions, there are certain points in his writing with which I must disagree, and some of his assumptions about my opinion that I feel he misunderstood. I feel that these must be clarified.