Guests of the Nation

Author aims to spark political awakening By Bret Hayworth (New 9/11 book: "Guests of the Nation" by Mike Palecek)

Author aims to spark political awakening
Few read his books, but Mike Palecek won't give up
By Bret Hayworth, Journal staff writer

SHELDON, Iowa -- Mike Palecek of Sheldon had his first book published in 2000, the same year he unsuccessfully ran for Congress.

The book sold a handful of copies.

He went back at it, wrote another.

Sales were about 100.

Palecek keeps returning to the well. With the recent release of "Guests of the Nation," in eight years he has written 11 books -- one nonfiction piece plus 10 fiction books that draw heavily on his own life, liberal politics and distrust of government, especially when in conservative hands.