Gulf War 1

CBC News Video: How Dick Cheney's Lies Got America into Gulf War 1 (Kuwait)

Dick Cheney has a long history of telling lies that kill hundreds of thousands of people.

Video has been submitted to reddit - PLEASE VOTE IT UP - People need to be aware of the historical context surrounding our current situation. Video mentions how 9/11 put Cheney's agenda on the fast track.

The President Malevolent

I wrote this on June 20, 1991 (mucho pre-9/11--my how time doth pass, and then again does not...). Still seems relevant.

There once was a president malevolent
Who took the law of the country as affrontery.
So he said to his henchmen:
"Don't be back-benchmen,
Get into drugs and gun-runnery.

"It may seem a bit crummy
In this way to make money
To stir up the rabble
And flood 'em with babble
While they sit there and say, 'Ain't it funny.'

"But to hell with democracy.
It's just old-fashioned hypocrisy.
The world is OUR oyster
And there's not enough moisture
To feed all those blithering sops you see.

"We knock off the hard 'uns
The John F.'s and Bobbys and Martins
Send the young 'uns to jail
The dumb 'uns to Yale
And some to California with pardons.

"We've got wars and AIDS to get rid of the scum
Whores and parades to satisfy some
While the boys at Harvard
Talk starboard and larboard
Having fun keeping mum and the shit in the bum.

"The truth, in fact, is plain to see
That's the problem with democracy.
So thank God for Dan Rather
And all of that blather
On the news every night on TV."