Mark Cuban - 9/11 Truth Advocate or Hidden Agenda?


Lucus Drador / Jones Report | March 27, 2007
Reader Submitted Editorial

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I was recently elated to hear the news that Charlie Sheen was going to do the narration of Loose Change Final Cut and Mark Cuban was offering to bankroll the popular 9/11 movie through his distribution company Magnolia Pictures.

Well, my grandeur was cut short when I remembered a recent incident that just happed within the past month. It involves, Mark Cuban, a You Tuber called Halifaxion, and the complete culling of massive amounts of 9/11 truth videos.

First, let me first explain just who Halifaxion was and what roll he played. Halifaxion was the biggest 9/11 truth activist on You Tube. Over the past few years, Halifaxion managed in collecting a huge plethora of almost 200 incriminating video clips including news broadcasts, interviews, and clips from various documentaries. There were hundreds of thousand of web sites linking to Halifaxion's videos. He also had accounts on both Google Video and iFilms where he offered his alternative theories about 9/11.