Happy Holidays

Truth Action Ottawa 2009 Year In Review & Special Thanks to “Will”

Happy holidays from Truth Action Ottawa! It has been an incredible year for us and we thought we'd take this opportunity to thank everyone who has put so much effort into making Truth Action Ottawa a huge success in 2009. Your dedication and energy has helped make TAO more successful than we could have possibly hoped for.

A Happy Easter From 9/11 First Responder John Feal

Happy Easter From 9/11 First Responder John Feal

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Cell: 516 901 7427
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Website: Fealgoodfoundation.com
Fed tax ID#20-5187809
Founder John Feal
9/11 Responder Advocate

To all……….Happy Easter to you and your families. God bless everyone who has taken to this great foundation and helped make it grow. You all are the reason we are striving everyday to help 9/11 responders at a better and faster pace. I love you all.

Sincerely, John E. Feal