Jeremy from LA calls Troy from WV about his 9-11 truth denial and harassment of 9-11 family member Bob Mcilvaine-Part I

I couldn't let Troy's harassment of Bob Mcilvaine and many other good-hearted people stand, so I called him and recorded it for "quality control." Although Troy remains unapologetic, there were some moments of clarity. Be warned that Troy used consistently foul language:

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Troy From West Virginia Harasses 9/11 Family Member Bob McIlvaine

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I heard about this on the way up to New Hampshire. Apparently Troy even asked Bob to put a bullet in his head (notice how Troy conveniently left that out). Mrs. McIlvaine was very shaken up by this, and understandably so. Troy has a history of harassing members of this movement by crank calling them on the phone (and he recently harassed 9/11 First Responder John Feal by calling him at least 30x according to John), but this is the first time his efforts focused on a 9/11 family member.

Bob McIlvaine. One of the most soft spoken, sweetest people I know.

Does Anybody Else Get Crank Calls From "Troy"?

The area code is 304 which is apparently in West Virginia, and the prefix is 757 which is apparently in Scott Depot. He's been calling me for a good year off and on. I'm wondering if anyone else is getting harassed by him. He just called me, and said, "This is Troy, and I want to interview a crazy person." I hung up. He called again, and I silenced my phone. In the past, he's called, and said, "Are you a twoofer? Are you gonna teach me da twoof?", and other nonsense like that. Incidentally, there is someone that posts on SLC named, "troy from wv" however I don't know if it's the same person.