Dan Rather Suing CBS for 70 million bucks.

I suggest we question, hound, and hassle Dan Rather to investigate and cover 9/11 Truth in his new show Dan Rather Reports on HDNet which is owned in part or entirely by Mark Cuban. Who for those of you who don't know at one time agreed to produce Loose Change: Final Cut for theatrical release in America. Dan Rather is also in the news lately for finding some balls and standing up for the truth of his story about George Bush's military years. He is currently suing CBS for something like 70 million and according to him wants to restore the principles of investigative journalism back into the news industry. Suing CBS like this is probably not winning him too many friends and I agree it takes a lot of courage for someone like Dan Rather to go through with something like that. Anyhow. I figure now is as good a time as any to reach out to him and encourage him to investigate the 9/11 Truth Movement and steer him towards the more credible researchers in our movement.

Here is his show's website: DAn RAther Reports:

Here is the contact form: