Hegelian Dialectic

(Video) 911Truth: Methods of Manipulation


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Finding Our Own "Solution"

I want to issue a call to the truth movement, to have our own "solution" ready to go the next time the government tries to use it's problem, reaction, solution on us again. If we are not ready with our own solution when the next problem occurs, the governmennt's solution will be presented as the only one to the reaction their problem will have caused. And we should expect that the next problem will be a particularly unpleasant one. We are the only defense in a situation like this, where otherwise the country and the world could head in a very ugly direction. Some things to consider:

1) As has been widely reported, the President is now allowed to announce a federal state of emergency and not have it investigated by Congress for six months. In such a case, the truth movement must be ready to press for a complete and immediate investigation, no matter what the context. We know too well how damaging it is when a complete investigation is not launched immediately and evidence is allowed to be destroyed.

2) Researchers must be ready to investigate immediately, to find the holes in the story. The government will work very quickly to establish its official account of what happened. We must be ready to reveal the anomalies as soon as possible.