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Let's help Richard Gage.

Richard Gage is desperately asking us to please, please email architects (and engineers). This is simple. He explains it on Let's support Gage !!! Let's help him out.

The action is simple.
Get the email address of an architect or an engineer.
*Email one individual at a time.

Email a message similar to this:

"I know that you are an expert on these kind of things. I ran across this short TV interview with an architect And I also visited this website supported by many architects.
What do you think about Building 7? "

Getting the names of architects is easy. Go to the yellow pages. Google their firm. Go to a University website and get the email addresses of those architects who teach. There are many resources. *Email one individual at a time so it does not look like spam.

Dear 9/11 Family Members...

With deepest respect, admiration, and sympathy, I am writing to you today. Each word is being carefully selected so as not to disrespect you, or your loved ones. I've thought long and hard about what I'm about to say, and I see no other alternative.

Before I begin, I would like to say a few words. I'm sorry. I'm sorry because deep down I know I had something to do with the loss of your loved one(s). Me, and every other American that has sat idly by for so many years, allowing the system that brought about the 9/11 attacks, flourish in Washington D.C., and beyond. By not caring about the vote, by being more concerned with that new television show, that new car, that new computer, that new mall, that new amusement park, that new movie, that new music sensation, that new celebrity, and so on, we have neglected, and have forgotten what it means to be a citizen in this country. As a result, ultimately, 2,973+ people were murdered on September 11th, 2001.


This is the first time for me to write on a blog, I have done all of the research, and am into my 2nd year of understanding on what is happening to our country!
My main reason for starting this blog is this.. The polls show that over 1/2 of America believes that 9/11 was an
inside job.....Okay......So, why aren't people doing something about this? Our gov't is so corrupt from the bottom up
and most people inderstand this, but when I bring it up to all of the people that I deal with, most people look
at me as though I am crazy when I ask a few simple, gentle questions. Where are the 50%?? Why are people
so lost?? I feel so alone in this world, where our freedoms are being stripped away? Is it all just blogs and talk?
Or is something really going to change? With the Nov. Elections coming, I really feel that we are too lost, and too late.
I am doing what I can, and I do it everyday, but I feel as though I am running up a muddy hill. We have such a
MONSTER against us.... I am asking for advice? What do you think we are going to accomplish...especially
with rigged electronic voting machines, RFID cards mandated by 2008, and we are stuck with George W till
2008, who will create another false flag against Iran, or any other country he chooses. The list goes on and on as you well know. Can you feel my pain. Here is my delimma... Do I keep trying my best..One by one