Helpful Hints

Ask Any "Debunker" The Following...

"Is there a cover-up being perpetrated by the United States Government in regards to 9/11?" If they say no, then you DRILL them with some of the more obvious cover-ups. If they say yes, then respond with, "What do you have, a "Conspiracy Theory?" Just to give you an idea of what some of the obvious cover-ups are:

  • Sibel Edmonds is the "most gagged person in American History."
  • 28 redacted pages in the Joint Congressional Inquiry.
  • The refusal to release the CIA Inspector General's report.
  • The 9/11 Commission's failure to address ALL of the family members' questions

The "Debunkers" are not being honest in their critique of the movement. They deny the obvious cover-ups, and attack the movement for some of the theories promoted. That means they have an OBVIOUS agenda.

Keep It Simple

Imagine someone from the movement going to tell someone the "truth"...

"OH MY GOD!!!, you're never going to believe this!!!

As it turns out, we weren't told the truth about 9/11. Instead, the Government LIED to us! Did you know that? Did ya know? First of all, the planes didn't even exist that day. As a matter of fact, they were really missiles disguised as planes with this amazing Hologram technology. Or, maybe there were missiles strapped to the underbelly of the planes, and they fired them into the buildings before impact. It's hard to tell because all of the videos, and photos from that day are totally faked.

They also managed to use the old "Star Wars" program to fire a beam from space powerful enough to bring the towers, and building 7 down. The ex-Chief of the "Star Wars" program is part of the 9/11 Truth Movement didn't ya know? He recently won 44% of the vote in Florida.

Don't look at me like I'm crazy. C'mon, you gotta listen to what I'm saying! They lied, they all lied!"

That's what this movement sounds like right now. A bunch of garbly gook that makes little to no sense. Now is not the time for this movement to be divided, and argue over our theories. Now is the time for us to be united with the facts.