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KRS-ONE / Dylan Avery Interview Remix

KRS-ONE, activist and Hip-Hop legend, discusses 9/11 and the controversy over healthcare for the first-responders, and gives a call to action for art and activism. Full interview @ http://blip.tv/file/1264323

KRS-One Discusses 9/11 Truth and Hip-Hop

I sit down and have a chat with hip-hop legend KRS-One on 9/12/2008 during SMT Studios' Now or Never 2008 benefit concert for dying September 11th first responders. KRS discusses the plight of the rescue workers, what happened on 9/11, and his attitude towards Hip-Hop and social consciousness.

The interview ends somewhat abruptly, as my tape ran out. When I turned around, there were about 4 or 5 other cameras behind me filming, so I'm sure you can find the rest of this somewhere online if you look.

22,000 Words.

Figured I'd post some of my personal pictures from the weekend. I didn't get a chance to take too many ... I spent too much time running around and making sure everything was running smoothly.

Boston Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message

'DJ Waldo' Truths up the Mix
Peace 2008 Hip Hop Festival welcomes Truth message to Boston City Hall Plaza

August 3, 2008

Boston 9-11 Truth is seemingly everywhere these days. Hot off their successful "Patriots Question 9-11" canvassing party on Boston's Esplanade this July 4th, the group took their message this past Saturday to Boston's City Hall Plaza where they distributed over 1,000 "Revolutionary HipHop" CDs to a highly receptive crowd.

New 9/11 Mixtape - DJ Clos - Controlled Demolition Mixtape

Controversial 9/11 mixtape suggesting the goverment not only let 9/11 happen but participated in making sure that it happened. The mixtape has been up on popular mixtape download and streaming site, www.datpiff.com since the morning of 9/11/2007 and received all types of complaints and praises. Do you believe this DJ has taken it too far or is this what hiphop was meant for in the first place? Vote Now & click to listen for FREE!


1. Intro
2. Papoose freestyle
3. 50 cent freestyle (produced by eminem)
4. Freeway freestyle
5. Jae hood bitchin'
6. Tom gist, bezel & chozen few
7. Killah preist ft nas - gun 4 gun
8. Tom gist, phenom, st.laz & chozen few - finale
9. 40 cal freestyle
10. St.laz & pottersfield freestyle
11. Freeze ft. young buck & tony yayo - chopped off
12. Freck millionare (street family) - hardcore
13. Tom gist, awthentic & i-dub - strugglin'
14. Jew dew, st.laz & trife lyfe - pop first
15. Beenie sigel ft r.kelly - all the above
16. Daz dillinger ft joe budden - caught up

Hip hop artist Chamillionaire calls 9/11 "a calculation" in his song "Evening News": "Where the heck is Osama at?"

Some lyrics from Chamillionaire's latest single:

"The White House is going to stay white even tho' we know Obama's black,
9/11 was a calculation, and some would say it was a timed attack,
He gave a speech on CNN, "They bombed us, now we're bombing back",
Where the heck is Osama at?"

TONY NICER PRESENTS:One of the best Hip Hop Track's about 911 featuring Alex Jones and LC CREW "Crooks And Liars"

I am proud to introduce to you So Gone from Philly.

So gone is a member of Paltalk.com

"911 was an inside job" room

This has got to be the best rap featuring Alex Jones and the Loose Change Crew I have heard thus far.

Ck Out this and other videos and audios on my website http://myspace.com/hiphopcrusade

God Bless you all and Keep on Keepin on, we will prevail.

Tony Nicer

Post-9/11 Blues by Riz MC

Everybody do the "Post-9/11 Blues".

"Rizwan Ahmed, aka MC Riz, has attracted more than his fair share of controversy during his short career. The 23-year-old British Muslim got his first break playing one of the Tipton Three in Michael Winterbottom's acclaimed film The Road to Guantanamo. Life imitated art when he and other cast members were detained and questioned by police at Luton airport on their way back from the film's premiere in Berlin."


Once again, Hip Hop makes it's presence felt on the political front. Check this video entitled BUST BUSH.

BTW, where the hell is Chuck D and Public Enemy when you need them? Hey yo Chuck, put down the Air America mic Son, and speak truth to power like you used to!!!

Yeaahhhhhh boooyyyyyeeeeee!!!