"Debunking" Some "Debunker" Lies

In the comments of this article, a lying "debunker" states, "don't trust the Terror Timeline; it's a wiki-style effort that can be edited by anyone and is thus contaminated with 'Trutherism'."

According to Kevin Fenton, a contributor of the Terror Timeline, "anybody can certainly register and attempt to edit it, but the edits aren't displayed to the public until they are approved by the editors, which is a significant difference with Wikipedia."

The "Complete 9/11 Timeline" is the LARGEST and MOST COMPREHENSIVE collection of information pertaining to the 9/11 attacks. BAR NONE.

HistoryCommons.org - 2001 Anthrax Timeline Updated

hyperlinks: http://911reports.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/historycommonsorg-2001-anthrax-timeline-updated/

Article by Erik Larson

The 2001 Anthrax Attacks Timeline at HistoryCommons.org (aka CooperativeResearch.org) has been moved from The Complete 9/11 Timeline to the main Timelines page, and updated with the recent developments regarding the FBI’s Anthrax investigations. New entries include the clearing of Steven Hatfill, the death of Bruce Ivins and the FBI’s case against him, and the objections and questions being raised by experts, mainstream media and critics, and members of Congress. The 2001 Anthrax Attacks Timeline now has nearly 200 unique entries, and like all the Timelines at HistoryCommons.org, it will continue to grow as new and old information comes out.

Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project [Vote for CooperativeResearch.org]

CooperativeResearch.org aka HistoryCommons.org aka Center for Grassroots Oversight has been an instrumental resource for 9/11 researchers. It has been endorsed by the Jersey Girls and many other principal figures in the 9/11 Truth Movement. They accept no advertising and rely on the donations of concerned human beings like you and me. Here's a free way you can help them get awarded $10,000. I have no connection to them other than donating $ and occasionally volunteering.

Save an Active Grassroots Investigation Project

Idea Description

The History Commons -- an online tool for journalists by Michael Tuck

Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University posts an article about CooperativeResearch.org aka HistoryCommons.org, which features:

"The 9/11 Project: One of the largest areas of the Commons is its 9/11 project, perhaps one of the most comprehensive information resources about the events and issues surrounding that tragic event. The project manager, Paul Thompson, testified in a 2005 Congressional briefing on the 911 Commission's final report."


The History Commons -- an online tool for journalists
SHOWCASE | July 10, 2008
Individuals do research to create aggregated, searchable timelines for major events and stories, creating a resource for reporters and editors.

By Michael Tuck

On April 20, the New York Times published a revelatory, and since then largely ignored, article detailing the Pentagon's systematic propaganda campaign to promote the Iraq war and manipulate public opinion through the use of retired military officers as "independent" network analysts and commentators