Long, sophisticated hit piece at counterknowledge.com

Hello friends,

My main question for fellow 911bloggers is this: should we tear them up in the comments section (so far 99% infested by debunkobots), and answer the questions they want us to answer (some of which are extremely infantile, like "why haven't the perps killed Dylan and DRG?"), or do we even acknowledge their presence? Obviously I'm acknowledging it here since I'm writing this entry, but should we take them out on their own turf? Is it even worth it? Do you think we'd convince a fence-sitter who might happen to be reading the Counterknowledge website?


15 questions for 9/11 "truthers" now need to answer

Common Dreams Posts the Rovics Hit-piece Too

Rovics cites Popular Mechanics. He tries to discredit. He says the truth is "already known." I'd like to see him tell all this to a family member or survivor. It would be great if one of them could write something up and try to get them to post it there. We've tried, and they've refused. We were told that they remove 9/11Research urls.


Here is one of the comments which I appreciated:

JavaRunner April 7th, 2008 12:03 pm

Dave, you show me a single movement ever in the history of our species that cannot come under the kind of criticism you just pronounced against those who don’t buy the official fiction about 9/11. I dare ya ;)

9/11 conspiracy theorists dog TV reporters

(The trolls have been quick to post in the comment section of this article)

9/11 conspiracy theorists dog TV reporters

By Jessica Heslam

Local 9/11 conspiracy theorists are targeting TV news reporters, already leading to at least one confrontation with a FOX 25 reporter who grabbed a poster in an incident caught on camera and posted on YouTube.

“We will be protesting as the presidential election gets heated,” said Mark O’Connor of the group Boston 9/11 Truth. “No newscaster is safe if they’re live on the street.”

FOX 25 political editor Joe Battenfeld has had run-ins with members of the so-called 9/11 truth groups - who claim the terror attacks were a government setup - in Boston and New Hampshire.