holocaust museum shooting

Here we go again.

"Ghost Group"... yet another truth group I've never heard of. Of course, the korporate media brings them front-and-center.

I wonder if we should have a blog entry continuously updated with a list of hit pieces from the media. - kam

Some Suspect Conspiracy in Holocaust Museum Case

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- To most, the evidence against alleged Holocaust Museum shooter James von Brunn may seem overwhelming.

Surveillance camera video.

Eyewitness accounts.

Von Brunn's red Hyundai parked outside.


But to some people in Von Brunn's e-mail chain and Web circles, there's a darker truth.

They say the June 10 shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum may be a "false flag" operation. The incident could have been staged by one group, perhaps what they describe as the Jewish-controlled U.S. government, to make it appear to be the actions of another group -- in this case, von Brunn and others who believe Jews exercise too much control in the United States.

In other words, von Brunn could have been set up, they contend.


The Northern Virginia Daily

The holocaust museum in Washington, D.C. stands as a shrine for humanity’s inhumanity to itself. It is a permanent monument of the world’s refusal to hear the pleas of atrocities. Had the world listened to those reporting the mass murder of Jews, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others, there would be no holocaust museum. But it was more comfortable to brush away the unspeakable with denials, and continue a life of privileged consumption. While millions were perishing in concentration camps, and the perpetrators of this war machinery glutted more power, the world pretended it wasn’t happening.
The recent shootings at the museum have created much fodder for the Republican radio mouth pieces, and Israel licked its wounds in front of the world stage. Talk radio propagandists have even insinuated von Brunn was a member of the 9/11 Truth Movement, and a hero to that group.
So far, no word from Kingdom Hall or the gay community; both have a bit more dignity than that. Other holocaust victims have yet to chime in.