Holy Ghost

Is There Literally A Spirit Behind The 911 Truth Movement?

There is much to be depressed about with regard to the entire 911 story. If that were also a pretext for war, you might justifiably be cynical too.
Yet amid all the gloom must you be religious to wonder what great force is at work bringing truth out - against (what at first must be said to have been) all odds? Am I the only one who has noticed that there is something really different going on right now? It is almost as though there were some higher power at work that is propelling the truth movement almost everywhere at the same time.
To give you an example of what I mean, nobody asked me to start researching 911. It was not even one of those "coincidences" either that got me suddenly downloading material like a madman.
Indeed given that my father passed away a little over a month after 911, I associate that tragedy - which I myself thank God was not involved in - with that particular time in my life. Given too the Great Twins' iconic status, and the fact that they were constructed when I was growing up, at a time when (as Team Twin Towers) aptly put it man walked on the moon, I have consequently come to associate those icons with the time before my father's death and my childhood. Yet that is but a subjective personal association of interest but to myself.
The demise of the Great Twins was nevertheless a before and after event for us all. We know that somehow the world has changed, forever. It has become acceptable to be spied on by CCTV cameras, all in the interests of security, and I am sorry to say that such cameras now meticulously watch the movements of every child at the school I grew up in. I am glad I no longer live there. Whatever has changed our world, we know that it began to change on 911.