Mainstream Media is wavering

Look at the forked stick that the mainstream media find themselves in right now ? Up until now, they have been the unqustioned purveyors and vendors of Truth in America and around the world. Whether you admit it or not, the clear evidence says that they have helped the government to cover up 9/11. This knowledge is percolating into the general public consciousness, and people are beginning to turn in ever greater numbers to the internet as a more reliable form of news and Truth. This is not going unnoticed by the main news organs. That is why I say that they will sooner or later HAVE to start publishing what they know of 9/11. It's strictly a matter of their own survival. Their shareholders must be anxiously watching the DOW indexes.I think the Truth Movement should devote more time and effort in bringing pressure to bear on people like Murdoch.Hit them in the wallet, and you will see some action. Why pay for omissions and outright lies?