horsham court case

Tony Rooke to follow up on recent Horsham (UK) Court Case against BBC

On 25th of February this year Tony Rooke went to court in Horsham in the UK. He was refusing to pay the TV licence which is used to fund the BBC on the grounds that paying would constitute funding an organisation which was supporting terrorism. The BBC has refused to address any of the issues regarding the official explanation of 9/11 and has actually produced programs such as the ‘9/11 Conspiracy Road Trip’ which could only be described as blatant propaganda.

On the day Tony wasn’t allowed to show his evidence in the court but Tony is now organising an event in which he will show the three hours of prepared evidence to a ‘jury’ of 12 specially selected members of the general public and a large audience. Tony will produce a film of the event.

For more details please see his new website at killingauntiefilms.co.uk.