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Howard Shafir - Choice Point - SAIC

I have studied CNN and other broadcasts from 9/11

At 10.35 ET on that day, just after the north tower demolition, former New York police and fire commissioner Howard Shafer was on the phone with CNNs Aaron Brown. He was actually the first one who presented the official explanation in astute words on CNN:

He said, and I'm paraphrasing here:

"After 1993 I spoke with the buildings enginees, who told me that the buildings were designed to withstood a Boeing 707 impact, obviously they are not."

That means that he fully endorse the OCT from the very beginning, as did Don Dahler in the interview with Peter Jennings.

Now Howard Shafir is a very interesting person. Not because his roots, but his ties to Rudy Giuliani and the private security network.
According to Wikipedia, after he quits the job as police commissioner, he immediately went to work as a consultant to the chief executive of ChoicePoint, Inc. and ultimately ran their Bode Technology Group subsidiary, which they purchased at Safir's urging in April 2001.