hr 6166 Military Commissions Act unconstitutional

What rights ??

Upholding a defending our constitution is patriotic duty of every citizen especially those in government who took an oath to support and defend. I haven’t seen any one in congress around the patriot act 1 and 2 hr 6166 { military commission act }saying that we don’t have the constitutional authority, but they are saying we have the right not just to aliens but anyone one the sectary of defense, and the president deems to be enemy combatants. This is not just executive tyranny but also judicial and legislative tyranny.
Ignorance and on behalf of the American people. The people are sitting on there hands not doing anything as hr 6166 was passed. What congress and the president did essentially was to cut the courts rate out of the equation. This bill dismantled the courts out of any supervisory role and if you are a citizen of this country and this administration deems you a enemy combatant there is no court of justice. There is only is a military court for you. Where you are judged by commissioned military officers, in which you have no constitutional rights, tried and judge in military courts.
It was pushed threw congress as on the direct order of the president because his staff and his republican allies in congress wrote it before anyone had the time to even look at the magnitude it had on the rights of the citizenry on the basis of fighting terrorism